Drum Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-151
A Selection of Competitively Priced Bottle and Drum Handling Clamps from Crosby and Camlok

Drum lifting clams are hook suspended and commonly used on an overhead crane or fork truck attachment to lift, manoeuvre, turn and dispense steel and plastic drums. We offer options to clamp onto the drum and others to grip around the circumference of the drum, usually using a scissor action; some carry the drum vertically and others lift the drum horizontally. Some of the other drum lifting clamps that we sell are used to lift, rotate then pour out the contents in a controlled way. Presently we sell drum clamps made by Camlok, Crosby IP and Tractel though are to list new products from different manufacturers online in the near future. In this category we also offer gas cylinder lifting clamps for lifting welding bottles, oxygen, propane and acetylene. 

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