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Tractel TOPAL TO Universal drum cable hook 13000kg pair.

Model:  Tractel TOPAL TO / TTT-3321

Tractel TOPAL TO Universal Drum Cable Hooks - 13,000kg per Pair
Part N° Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Price per pair Guide Price Quantity
6500kg (each hook) 83mm No (single unit) £  117.98
51198/TO13 - Pair
6500kg (each hook) 13000kg (pair) 83mm Yes £  235.96
Prices are per pair
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 15.00)
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Universal drum cable hooks for use in pairs, each hook has a WLL of 6500kg.

The hooks are designed to be used in pairs with shackles and 2-legged sling (rope, chain or strap).

These accessories are adapted to many cable drums*. They fit holes with diameters from 55 to 83 mm. Slings and shackles not provided.
* ABN/ BBN/ CBN/ DBN/ EBN/ FBN/ GBN/ HBN/ IBN type following NF B 55-007 French standard.

Once both shackles and 2-legged cable/ chain/ textile slings have been put together with the hooks, insert
them either side of the cable drum axle, teeth downwards. Lifting ensures the hooks’ locking in position.

Instructions For Use

  1. Suspend the 2-legged sling with hooks for the drum.
  2. Fully insert each hook either side of the centre line of the drum with the teeth downwards.
  3. When lifting, the gripping force is proportional to the weight of the drum.

Special Safety Instructions

  • The hooks and their bearing surfaces on the drum must be free from grease or oil.
  • The diameter in the drum must be between 42 and 82 mm for the hooks to pass.
  • Never overload the hooks, check the working load limit before performing any lifting (load per pair of hooks).
  • Working temperature: -20° to +100°C


  • Regularly check the equipment is in perfect working order (before every use).
  • Perform visual inspection before every use.
  • Any part with a defect must be replaced by a TRACTEL SOLUTIONS part.
  • Any deformed equipment must be immediately withdrawn from use.


Model Capacity Opening (mm)
TO13 13 tonne pair - 6.5 per hook (must be used in pairs) 55-83mm
TO 0601.pdf

Operating and Safety Instructions.

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TO T 6032 GB rev 2.pdf

Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.3Mb)

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