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Tiger "CDV" Crane Slung, Rim Grip Drum Grab - 600kg

Model:  TCSR-4946

Unit Price £ 126.75  

Tiger hook suspended rim grip drum grab for steel drums.

Tiger Cdv Vertical Drum Clamp

The Tiger CDV-0060 drum clamp has been designed to lift and transport steel drums in the vertical position.

One clamp can be used to lift drums with or without their lids by gripping the rim of the drum.  Its lightweight and small overall design makes it ideal for picking up drums that sit tightly on pallets. The centre of gravity of the drum is below the lifting point during transportation.


Dimension and Specifications

Vertical Drum Grab
Capacity U (mm) S (mm) V (mm) T (mm) X (mm) Y (mm) Weight (kg)
0.6t 765 434 305 50 100 12 7

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