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Tractel TOPAL VDL Clamps for Lifting Steel Drums With Rim/Flange - 1000kg Capacity

Model:  TTV-3322

Tractel TOPAL VDL Clamps for Lifting Steel Drums with Rim - 1000kg Capacity

Price includes both clamps and chain

Part N° Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Price Chain Included Guide Price Quantity
3322-T20892 1000kg 3.5kg For complete assembly (2 x clamps & chain sling) Yes £  188.76
Please note this product is priced for one hook only, if you require 2 please update your basket.
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 15.00)
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For Lifting drums in the vertical or horizontal plane

Handling accessory to lift open or closed vertical metal drums with edges (standard drums with edge on each face).

Instructions For Use

  1. Suspend the sling fitted with the clamps.
  2. Bring the clamping jaws into contact with the edge of the drum.
  3. Check the two clamps are correctly positioned and then perform lifting.
  4. To release the clamps: lay the drum down stable and take off clamps manually.

Safety Information

  • For metal drums with edges only - Not suitable for plastic drums.
  • Drum deformation risk.
  • Working temperature: -20° to +100°C
  • When using the hooks in pairs: maxi WLL 1000kg; ensure both hooks are facing each other.

Price includes both clamps and chain

Tractel Topal VDL


Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
VDL-1 1000kg 3.5kg
VDL 0412.pdf

Operating and Safety Instructions.

(approx. 1.6Mb)

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