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Crosby IPDV Vertical Drum Grab/Clamp - 500kg Capacity

Model:  Crosby IPDV / VDG-901

Unit Price £ 276.00  

Vertical Drum Grab/Clamp.

  • Vertical lifting clamp IPDV is suitable for the vertical lifting and transfer of steel drums carrying liquids with a capacity of 215 up to 225 litres.
  • The IPDV lifting clamp is a light-weight clamp which may be used single-handedly.
  • The clamp is fittted with a hoisting eye and is ready for immediate use.
  • The IPDV lifting clamp may be used both singly or, alternatively, several clamps may be used at one time under a spreader beam, for example in the process of loading and unloading of containers and cargo holds.
  • For correct use of the clamp, please consult fig. 2

Technical Specifications

Dimensions are in milimeters (mm)

Model WLL per pce (tonnes) Jaw (mm) - A B C D E F Weight (kg)
2700118 0.5 300 375 290 150 50 12 7.1
Crosby IPDV Vertical Drum Handling Clamp

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