Camlok Bottle & Drum Handling Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1746
Camlok Bottle & Drum Handling Clamps

Camlok Scissor Drum Grab. The DBV Grab is designed to lift and transport steel or plastic drums in the vertical position. The “V” shaped jaws are lined with hard wearing rubber ribbed pads, thus ensuring the drum is gripped firmly when being lifted. The jaws support pivot and remain vertical when lifting. Gripping diameters of 400-600mm. The grab can be fitted with an automatic open close device enabling the operator to stack drums remotely from floor level. The grab can be designed to suit other drum diameters.

Camlok Drum Turning Grab Suitable for Drums 400mm to 600mm Diameter.

The DBT is designed to lift drums in the vertical position and turn them through 90 degrees to the horizontal position. It can be used to tip containers to 180 degrees but it must be returned to its original position to place the drum down. The “V” shaped jaws are lined with hard wearing rubber pads. The grab is fitted with adjustable height legs supported on plastic rollers. The swivelling jaws are fitted with long handles to aid the operation when turning the drum.

Camlok hook suspended rim grip drum grab for steel drums. (Chain sling not Included)

The Camlok DCV500 clamp is designed to lift mild steel drums in the vertical position. A single clamp can be used to lift a drum with or without a lid. The clamp automatically grips the rim of the drum when the hook ring is lifted.

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Camlok Drum Clamp can be used single clamp on sealed or empty drums, 2 clamps and chain sling on open drums.

This range of clamps permit the safe handling of all types of flanged drums with or without lids. This can be used to lift sealed drums on their own, if an open drum is to be lifted without spilling the contents, two clamps can be used with either a two leg chain sling or a small lifting beam and two slings. (Chain sling not included)

Camlok drum clamps are available in the following size - 500kg.

Camlok Drum / Round Material Clamps.

These clamps are designed to handle round materials in the vertical position, such as drums. The drum load will not be subject to crushing loads. The DAF is fitted with adjustable arms and designed to suit fork lift truck tine centres from 570mm to 850mm.

To suit drum diameters from 420mm upto 700mm.

Camlok Drum Tongs in 600mm - 900mm Diameter.

This is designed for the safe transportation of drums in the horizontal position. The level is designed to be pulled upwards which will close the tongs, it is fitted with a manually operated hold-open lever.

This is suitable for drums with lengths ranging from 600mm to 900mm and a WLL of 500kg.

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