ISO Container Lifting Lugs, Bottom, Top and Side Lifting

Quick Ref: CN-175
Top and side lifting lugs for large containers such as shipment containers

Container lifting eyes are also referred to as container lifting lugs. They are designed to connect to the top, side or bottom of a shipping container so that the container can then be lifted by an overhead crane. ISO Containers (International Organization for Standardization) can be lifted by a chain sling, a spreader beam or a lifting beam though always as per the manufacturers operation and user manual. We offer ISO container lifting eye bolts from quality manufacturers like Crosby, Tractel and Gunnebo. 


Container lugs for lifting of containers by their standard ISO corners. This is to be used for the lifting of containers by their standard ISO corners
    CCB - Container lifted by the bottom, slantwise traction, lifting with a single lifting beam and two 2-legged slings.
    CCV - Container lifted by the top or bottom, vertical traction, lifting with a spreader frame and 4 slings.

Features: Manufacture without load bearing welds; Hot epoxy coating; Working temperature: -20° to +100°C.

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