Crane Bridge Travel Trolley Kits, Manual and Electric Travel

Quick Ref: CN-316
Articulating Crane trolleys to suit your applications, contact our sales team for a detailed quote.

Articulating crane trolleys are designed to be used in pairs to install a mobile crane bridge between two parallel RSJ's in the roof space. Thus creating a simple, low cost push/pull (manual) or electric overhead crane system.

  • The crane trolley will articulate (twist) to prevent them crabbing; this is when the trolley castors bite into the 'downshop' parallel beams.
  • Please contact our technical staff with your desired SWL/WLL (capacity), beam sizes and crane cross travel span, we will then help you specify the overhead crane trolleys that best suits your application.


Crane Trolley to make a Push / Pull Crane. (Manual Crane Kit)

The ideal partner for this articulated rolling beam is a hand-powered chain hoist. The Articulated Beam Trolley Kit Includes: A pair of trolleys each fitted with four steel rollers (mounted on ball bearings), he adjustment of the roller raceway profile consists of a treated steel tie-bar, 4 anti-drop rollers (in compliance with legislation), a coupling consisting of a strap piece in die-stamped steel and 2 articulations, one of which is mounted on a ball and socket joint, 2 safety ChainsSafety chains, The purpose of this system is to restore the link between the trolleys and beam in the event of failure of the coupling linking the trolleys to the beam.

Manual Articulating Overhead Crane Trolley (Push/Pull) - Range from 250kg to 2000kg

Crane Trolley to make a Push / Pull Crane. (Manual Crane Kit)

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