Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps for Lifting Sheet Steel

Quick Ref: CN-143
A well priced selection of plate lifting clamps from Camlok and Crosby

Vertical plate clamps grip to the steel plate by the teeth biting into the surface of the plate, otherwise referred to as defamation. We offer from manufactured like Yale, Pfaff, Camlok, Tractel, Crosby and Riley who are all quality lifting equipment manufacturers. There are a variety of options available such as automatic locking and various plate thicknesses for the same range of clamps. We offer vertical plate lifting clamps specifically designed for special application for example clamping to very hard materials, very thin materials, small profile clamps etc...Non-marking clamps are a very popular item at they cause no damage to the item they are gripping to! Vertical plate clamps pick and carry steel plates in the vertical plain though options with articulating (swivel) lifting eyes are also available that can connect to a horizontal plate then lift & turn to the vertical position.

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