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Camlok LJ Non-Marking Plate Clamp - 500kg or 1500kg

Model:  Camlok LJ / NPC-347

Lj Non Marking Plate Clamp
Camlok LJ Non-Marking Plate Clamp - 500kg or 1500kg


Jaw Lining

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Non-Marking Plate Clamp.

Camlok LJ Series Gentle Grip non-marking clamp

500kg and 1500kg options available

The LJ range of clamps is specifically designed to lift plates without marking or damaging the surface finish and is also suitable for lifting various types of plate materials eg. - steel, timber etc.

The clamp is particularly suitable for lifting thin gauge steel plate, aluminium and stainless steel.

Available with choice of rubber lined or leather lined 'jaw'. The clamp is also suitable for steels with a surface hardness above 300 Brinell. The performance of the leather jaws is not affected by standing water, so the clamp can be used, with submerged plasma cutting machines.

The clamp is a low cost alternative to our TSS range of gentle grip clamps, particular attention to the maintenance and replacement of leather pads is necessary. See clamp operator instructions for detailed information.


The Camlok LJ series of plate clamps can be used to lift and turn all structural steel plates, stainless steel, iron, timber and aluminium without marking or damaging the surface. The clamp may not be suitable for lifting highly polished plates where the polishing process may leave behind lubricating compounds.

The LJ gentle grip plate clamp offers several alternatives including size and the replacement of the leather jaw with soft rubber pads, which enables the lifting of laminates and plastics. The standard clamp is fitted with a cam operated locking mechanism, however if preferred the cam operated locking mechanism can be replaced with a chain pull system.

Lj Clamp

Dimensions and Specifications

ModelWLLPlate (mm) ZWeight (kg)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)
LJ 0.5 25-500kg 0 - 10 3 127 200 55 52 69 86.5 76 20
LJ 1.5 180-1500kg 0 - 20 20 215 345 85 75 135 131 118 24
Camlok Non-Marking Plate Clamp Specifications

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