Non-Marking, Non Maring lifting Clamps for Steel, Wood, Glass etc...

Quick Ref: CN-145
A well priced selection of non marking plate lifting clamps from Camlok

LiftingSafety offer a good range on non-marking clamps from Tractel, Camlok and from Crosby IP Clamps. In different industries they are also referred to as non maring, none marking clamps, board clamp, glass clamp, panel clapms etc..... These hook suspended clamps are used where no deformation of the item lifted is allowed. The clamps will grip and lift the load wile causing no damage to the load. The other advantage of the non marking range of clamps is that there is no minimum SWL, with other types of lifting clamp the design dictates that 10% or in some cases 20% of the maximum SWL must be applied to the clamp for the gripping action to work, this is not the case with this range of lifting clamps though the user must always refer to the operation and user manual prior to use. All the clamps have jaws that adjust to accommodate different thicknesses of material, having a wide range mans there may be a standard product to suit most lifting applications; if this is not the case we can manufacture and supply special bespoke non marking clamps to suit the end users specification.  

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