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Tractel TOPAL NX/NXR Multiposition Self-locking Plate Clamp for Very Hard or Sensitive Loads - Range from 500kg to 1500kg

Model:  TOPAL NX/NXR / TTN-3305


Tractel TOPAL NX Multipositioning Self Locking Plate Clamp for Very Hard or Sensetive Loads - 500kg or 1500kg

Each Model is sold as a Pair

Part N° WLL (kg) Opening (mm) Guide Price Quantity
50408/NX05 0-20
500 0-20 £  528.09
50418/NX1.5 0-30
1500 0-30 £  797.76
50428/NXR05 0-100
500 0-100 £  739.33
50438/NXR05 20-120
500 20-120 £  897.76
50448/NXR05 40-140
500 40-140 £  920.23
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Also available with adjustable opening.

Tractel Topal NX Plate Clamp

Clamp for lifting in all positions without marking the surface of smooth or polished pieces of stainless steel, aluminium, pre-lacquered, laminated wood, concrete, plastic, glass plates and welded-plate assemblies.

This clamp is fitted with an automatic gripping mechanism: the locking handle is designed to fit the clamp over the edge of the object to be moved and the automatic locking on the trigger grips the piece to be lifted. It is also fitted with a safety spring mechanism ensuring permanent contact of the cam against the piece to be lifted, even when it is laid down.

The opening of the NXR models is adjustable by means of a pin in increments of 20 mm.

Safety Instructions

  • The plate or piece to be lifted must always be driven home into the throat of the clamp.
  • Never lift greasy or oily pieces.
  • Do not use the automatic gripping mechanism when handling fragile loads.
  • For safety’s sake, ensure clamps are always unlocked (cam closed) when not in use.
  • Never lift more than one plate at a time.
  • Apply the down-gradation if necessary.
  • Working temperature: -20° to +80°C.


Model Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Weight (kg)
NX05 0-20 500 0-20 4.5
NX1.5 0-30 1500 0-30 11
Models with adjustable opening
NXR05 0-100 500 0-100 6
NXR05 20-120 500 20-120 5.8
NXR05 40-140 500 40-140 6


NX T 6014 GB rev 2.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

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