Tractel Non-Marking Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1745


Automatic lifting clamp

This is a clamp for lifting in all positions without marking the surface of smooth or polished pieces of stainless steel, aluminium, laminated wood, concrete, plastic, glass plates and welded plate assemblies. This clamp is fitted with an automatic gripping mechanism: the locking handle is designed to fit the clamp over the edge of the object to be moved and the automatic locking on the trigger grips the piece to be lifted.



Topal PB scissor action lifting clamp with jaw opening ranges from 0 to 1000mm (various options).

This grab can be used for vertical lifting, without marking, all products with parallel sides made of various materials: concrete, steel, plastic, wood, marble, etc. These accessories are fitted with an automatic lower lock which allows the load to lay down without any manual intervention. Rubber coated pads ensure a great adherence and avoid load marking. Transport handles make the positioning easier. Clamping is proportional to the load, thus limiting the damage risk.

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