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Camlok TSB Gentle Grip Non-Marking Plate Clamps - Range from 350kg to 1250kg

Model:  Camlok TSB / NPC-348

Non Marking Plate Clamp
Camlok TSB Non-Marking 'Friction' Plate Clamp


Part N° WLL Plate (mm) Z Weight (kg) Sold in Pairs Unit Price Quantity
TSB 350/65
20-350kg 0 - 65 8 Yes £  600.00
TSB 750/65
40-750kg 0 - 65 9 Yes £  736.00
TSB 125/1250
125-1250kg 0 - 65 12 Yes £  880.00
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Camlok Non-Marking Plate Clamps for 0 - 65mm Plate - Sold in Pairs

The TSB range of non-marking plate clamps are designed for vertical lifting and transportation of plate material, and with a large jaw capacity enables it to be used for a multitude of applications, and able to lift hardened steel, concrete, stone and wood.

The grabs have a parallel-facing jaws that equally distribute the clamping pressure over a relatively large surface area through process of friction. This is achieved by a special material on the jaw and pad which is similar to brake lining which can be easily replaced when worn.

This range of grabs has a large jaw capacity and the security of a safety lock device with a hold-open/hold-closed feature.


  • The surface of the plate must be free of oil, grease or any other liquid to ensure safe transport.
  • Sold in Pairs.
Camlok Tsb Non Marking Friction Plate Clamp

Dimensions and Specifications

Model WLL (Per Pair) Jaw Capacity (Z) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) Weight (Excluding Chains)
TSB 350/65 20-350kg 0-65mm 270 260 128 100 65 78 8kg
TSB 750/65 40-750kg 0-65mm 270 260 128 100 65 78 9kg
TSB 1250/65 125-1250kg 0-65mm 270 260 128 100 65 78 12kg

Tsb Non Marking Plate Clamp Dimensions

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