Camlok Non-Marking Material Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1743


Camlok Non-Marking Board Clamp for Lifting Boards Between 5 & 150mm (various size options).

This clamp facilitates the lifting and handling of all materials. Loads can be lifted from the vertical to the horizontal through 90 degrees for transportation. It is fitted with a handle to enable the operator to guide the load during transport. Fitted with large rubber pads to prevent damage. Ideal clamp for use in production facilities and on construction / building sites.

Camlok Non-Marking Plate Clamps for 0 - 65mm Plate

The TSB gentle grip clamp is designed to lift and handle various types of material such as steel, timber, plastics, laminates etc. without causing damage to the surface finish. The fixed pad and horizontally moving jaw are lined with hard wearing rubber. The lateral gripping load is transmitted to the moving jaw via a short length of chain routed between two chain pulleys. The clamp can be used to lift plates from the horizontal to vertical position and vice versa.

Options on Camlok grip non marking plate clamp - 350kg/plate diameter 0 - 65mm, 750kg/plate diameter 0 - 65mm, 1250kg/jaw opening 0 - 65mm.

Non-Marking Plate Clamp.

The LJ range of clamps is specifically designed to lift plates without marking or damaging the surface finish. The clamp is suitable for lifting various types of plate materials. eg. - steel, timber etc. The clamp is particularly suitable for lifting thin gauge steel plate, aluminium and stainless steel. The clamp is also suitable for steel with a surface hardness above 300 Brinell.

Options on Camlok Non marking clamp - 500kg/plate diameter 0 - 10mm, 1500kg/plate diameter 0 - 20mm.

Camlok "TPZ" Non-Marking Board Clamp - Range from 20kg to 1500kg

Camlok Non-Marking Board Clamp for Lifting Boards Between 5 & 150mm (various size options).

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