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Camlok TPZ Non-Marking Board Clamp - Range from 20kg to 1500kg

Model:  Camlok TPZ / NBC-2643

Part N° WLL Jaw Capacity (mm) Weight (kg) Suspension Type Unit Price Quantity
400kg 5-55 8 Wire Rope £  497.00
400kg 50-100 9 Wire Rope £  565.00
750kg 5-60 12 Chain £  715.00
750kg 60-120 14 Chain £  792.00
1500kg 5-75 13 Chain £  857.00
1500kg 75-150 15 Chain £  936.00
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Camlok Non-Marking Board Clamp for Lifting Boards Between 5 & 150mm (various size options).

TPZ board clamps offer an simple and effective way to vertically lift and transport a variety of materials such as wood, MDF, plasterboard, stone, and plastics. They can also be used to lift loads from the horizontal to the vertical through 90° for transportation. The range has been designed to be user friendly and the handle enables the operator to guide the load easily during operation and each clamp is supplied fitted with large rubber pads to minimise damage.

These clamps are ideal in production facilities and especially on construction and building sites.


  • Wide jaw option available
  • Facilitates the lifting and handling of all materials.
  • Loads can be lifted from the vertical to the horizontal through 90 degrees for transportation.
  • Fitted with a handle to enable the operator to guide the load during transport.
  • Fitted with large rubber pads to prevent damage. Ideal clamp for use in production facilities and on construction / building sites.


Model WLL* Jaw Capacity (mm) Weight (kg) Suspension Type
TPZ400 20-400kg 5-55 8 Wire Rope
TPZ400L 20-400kg 50-100 9 Wire Rope
TPZ750 40-750kg 5-60 12 Chain
TPZ750L 40-750kg 60-120 14 Chain
TPZ1500 75-1500kg 5-75 13 Chain
TPZ1500L 75-1500kg 75-150 15 Chain

*Per clamp

Tpz In Operation

TPZ Dimensions (400 & 750kg models only)

(approx. 0.1Mb)

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