Round Section Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1997
Round Section Clamps

Round Section Clamps

Round Section Clamps

Incorporating lifting Shackle and Adjusting Mechanism.

Riley pipe lifting clamps are designed for efficient and easy handling of cylindrical objects such as pipes or bars.

This clamp is readily applied to cylindrical objects, and the adjustable jaw grip allows for a wide range of cylindrical diameters of sections to be lifted. Also suitable as an anchor point. No tools required. The lifting clamp comes complete with lifting shackle and width adjusting mechanism incorporating a left and right hand threaded adjusting bar with handle.

Camlok Round Stock Grabs, for Lifting Tubes, Pipes, Rolls or Similar Stock up to 600mm Dia. The TRU round stock scissor grab is designed to lift and handle material such as tubes, pipes, rolls of plastic and roofing felt. The jaws can be fitted with plastic or rubber lined pads to minimise marking of sensitive surface materials; the lining also helps prevent items slipping if the grab has not been positioned correctly. The TRU is fitted with a manually operated pawl that locks the grab in the open position. Grabs can be fitted with an automatic open/close device for remote operation.
Pipe and bar clamps for the lifting of round bars, tubes, square and small sections in bundles or individually.

The Tractel TOPAL RT is used for the lifting of rods, tubes, profiles and various small squares in circles or bundles. Once it's locked in the open position this allows you to deposit the load without any action on the caliper. These accessories are fitted with an open position locking system allowing to lay down the load without any intervention on the clamp.

Horizontal Clamp with opening of upto 900mm.

This is an accessory to transport horizontal pipes and lay them into trenches. Also designed to transport bars and tubes of any material.

S = semi-automatic laying down - Semi-automatic model: manual grab action and automatic locking of the grab in the open position.
A = automatic clamping + laying down - Automatic model: the grab and laying down operation is performed without any manual operation from the operator on the grab.

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