Vertical Lifting Magnets

Quick Ref: CN-214


Vertical Lifting Magnet.

This Magnet range comprises 2 standard models:

NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 and NEO-HV 1000 for flat or box shaped workpieces, maximum workload 250, 500 and 1000 kg respectively. These are lifting magnets designed to lift loads from horizontal to vertical position and vice-versa. Models with a bigger capacity as well as special executions for round material can be supplied upon request.The NEO-HV model is ideally suited for in-plant handling, loading und unloading machine tools with horizontal spindle and for plate handling in warehouses.

Adjustable Magnet to suit range of diameters & widths

LiftingSafety LSLift-HV Permanent Lifting Magnet for Vertical Lifting & Turning Available in 250kg or 500kg models

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