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Bux NEO-HV Permanent Lifting Magnet for Vertical Lifting and Turning - 250kg to 1,000kg

Model:  Bux NEO-HV / VLM-516

Part N° Model Flat Material (WLL) Tested Break-away Force (daN) Workpiece Range (mm) Min. Workpiece Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
516-T11235 NEO-HV 250 250kg 800kg 300 - 800 4 958 210 255 27 £  1178.00
516-T11236 NEO-HV 500 500kg 1500kg 300 - 1000 6 1158 210 255 38 £  1505.00
516-T22784 NEO-HV 1000 1000kg 3200kg 300 - 1000 8 1158 210 255 59 £  2059.00
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Vertical Lifting Magnet.

For vertical loading onto machine centers and lathes.

The NEO-HV Permanent lifting magnets are designed to lift loads from horizontal into vertical position and vice-versa.
Imagine you have a plate lying on a pallet and you want to put it onto the double sider of your horizontal machining center.
Many an operator has to do this many times a day and is usually struggling with clamps, slings or chains, often with two persons, to turn and keep the component in position.

This Magnet range comprises 3 standard models:

NEO-HV 250, NEO-HV 500 and NEO-HV 1000 for flat or box shaped workpieces, maximum workload 250, 500 and 1000 kg respectively.

These are lifting magnets designed to lift loads from horizontal into vertical position and vice-versa.

Models with a bigger capacity as well as special executions for round material can be supplied upon request.

Standard Features

  • Standard NEO lifting magnet.
  • Detachable lifting arm.
  • Magnet is ajustable to suit a range of diameters or widths.
  • Supplied with manual, test certificate and CE declaration of conformity.


The NEO series permanent lifting magnets requires good surface conditions to achieve maximum lifting capacity. Thanks to Neodymium magnets they perform very well on unmachined surfaces with rust or scale. The NEO-HV model is ideally suited for in-plant handling, loading und unloading machine tools with horizontal spindle and for plate handling in warehouses.
The maximum workload is based upon lifting clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon steel plate, 30 mm or thicker with the full area of the magnet's pole area in contact with the load. Derating is required for plates or flat material with rust or scale, unmachined or uneven surface, plates thinner than 30 mm and alloy steels. Refer to the operator's manual for more detailed workload limits.



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NEO manual.pdf

User Instructions for NEO and NEO-HV Magnets

(approx. 1.1Mb)

Lifting Chart for NEO/NEO-HV magnets

(approx. 0.2Mb)
NEO and Neo HV datasheet.pdf

NEO and NEO-HV Product Datasheet

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