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Bux Lightweight Wrist Magnet

Model:  WM-526

Guide Price £ 68.75  

Wrist Magnet.

Lightweight Wrist Magnet

This magnet has been designed to be strapped to your wrist, situated halfway on the palm of your hand. This handy lifting tool provides lift of thin sheet of metal enabling easy one by one seperation of a singular sheet from a pile. Sets of straps can be ordered separately.

Standard Features

  • Lightweight metal body
  • Powerfull ceramic magnets
  • Two straps for positive location

Recommended Applications

  • The Wrist Magnet requires good surface conditions to achieve maximum lifting capacity.
  • This tool is ideal for in-plant sheet metal handling at shears and presses.


  • Description : Wrist magnet
  • Dimensions of magnet : 42mm x 35mm x 12mm
  • Weight : 100g

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