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Eclipse Magnetics Ultralift Plus Safety Lifting Magnet - Range from 50kg to 2000kg (With safety shim!)

Model:  Ultralift Plus / LMWS-2775

Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet with Shim
Eclipse Magnetics Ultralift Plus Safety Lifting Magnet (with safety shim) - 50kg to 2000kg
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Safety Lifting Magnet with shim which guarantees 3:1 safety factor.

Lifting magnets: generalUltralift Plus Lifting Magnet with Shim

Lifting magnets are quicker, easier to use and safer than slings, chains, hooks and grabs, and do not mark the finish of the load.

Manual switching and permanent magnet technology mean installation and operation couldn't be easier and running costs are non-existent.

Ultralift Plus – the world's safest lifter

The Ultralift Plus comes with the patented 'Safety Shim' which allows pre-testing of any load to ensure a 3:1 safety factor.
The unique 'Lifting Eye Mechanism' ensures that the lifting magnet cannot be switched off when it is holding a load.

General Magnet Information

Simply hook to your hoist or crane and you're ready to go.
Lifting awkward and heavy loads becomes a one man job.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • No power required
  • No running costs
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Range of sizes
  • Lift round and flat loads

Ultralift Plus Features

3 safety features for ultra-safe liftin

1. 'Safety Shim' (patented)
For pre-testing any load. Place the 'Safety Shim' on the load with the Ultralift Plus on top. Activate the Ultralift Plus and attempt to lift the load a very short distance. If the Ultralift Plus holds the load with the 'Safety Shim' then a 3:1 safety factor is guaranteed without it. The ability to pre-test any load could be especially useful if you lift loads of differing sizes, materials and surface finishes.

2. Safety catch
When the Ultralift Plus is 'on' the operating handle is held by a safety catch to prevent accidental switching. The safety switch is release by pressing a button on the end of the operating handle.

3. Lifting eye mechanism (patented)Dimensional Drawing
Patented mechanism prevents any switching, accidental or otherwise, of the Ultralift Plus while it is holding a load.

With 5 sizes available, the Ultralift Plus lifting magnet is suitable for lifting a wide range of loads in the factory or workshop. It's capable of lifting both round and flat section loads.

The Ultralift Plus uses high power neodymium 'rare earth' magnet material for the highest power to weight ratio. The material is permanently magnetic, and switching the Ultralift Plus on and off is manual, so no power is required and it has no operating costs. You can use it almost anywhere - just hook it to your hoist or crane.

With a lifting magnet a load can be hoisted safely by just one man. And you'll have no more worries about the stability of a load once it's lifted (especially when it's been pre-tested to ensure a 3:1 safety factor with the 'Safety Shim'). Storage of handling of loads can be more efficient as you only need access to a load's top face.


Part No. Weight  Dimensions Flat Section Round Section
A B C D E F SWL  Thickness Min Length Max  SWL Diameter Max
(kg) (mm)  (kg) (mm) (mm) (kg) (mm)
UL0125+ 4 101 155 69 74 64 152 125 20 1500 50 200
UL0250+ 11 155 214 92 96 94 218 250 25 1500 100 300
UL0500+ 27 224 300 122 128 123 266 500 30 1500 200 400
UL1000+ 63 260 359 176 174 140 391 1000 45 1500 400 450
UL2000+ 157 368 477 233 227 195 493 2000 70 2000 800 600

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