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Pfaff "HU HS / HU ES" Scissor Type High Lift Pallet Truck. 800mm Lifting Height. Forks 540mm x 1170mm - 1000kg

Model:  HU HS 10B / HU ES 10A / HLPT-4493

Part N° Capacity Max Fork Height Stroke Weight Unit Price Quantity
4493-T23077 1000kg 800mm 715mm 122kg £  608.00
4493-T23078 1000kg 800mm 715mm 152kg £  1819.00
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Scissor lift pallet truck with optional manual-hydraulic lift or electric-hydraulic lift up to 800mm.

A combination of hand pallet truck and elevating platform for the transport and raising of palletised loads to various departments. Manual and electric options are available.

HU HS 10 B (Manual/hydraulic lift) features:

  • Hu Hs PfaffSafety control handle with the functions:
    • Quick lift - lifting - lowering -
  • Lowering speed can be finely metered for sensitive lowering of the load.
  • One-stage hydraulic for increased robustness.
  • Quick lift for loads up to 250kg.
  • Overload protection by pressure relief valve.
  • Safety supports guarantee sure standing when the forks are raised.
  • Low noise and smooth running with standard tyres: steer rollers and load rollers - polyurethane.
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Fork Height: 800mm

HU ES 10 B (Electric/hydraulic lift) features:

  • Hu Es PfaffIncreases the usefulness of the HU HS 10 A by saving operating time for demanding applications with frequent lifting and lowering operations.
  • Ergonomic control button for the hydraulic unit fitted in the handle.
  • In the case of battery failure the manual use of lifting and lowering is still guaranteed.
  • Quick electric-hydraulic lifting of the load, pressure relief valve protects against overloading.
  • Low noise and smooth running due to polyurethane steering and load rollers as standard.
  • Additional tilting protection for the load rollers.
  • Comes complete with battery and battery charger.
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Fork Height: 800mm


 Model Dimension  HU HS 10 B  HU ES 10 B  Dimensional Drawings
 Article No.   26600020   26900020  Dimensions Side
Dimensions Above
 Lifting Capacity  Q  1000 kg 1000 kg
 Load Centre  c 600 mm 600 mm
 Weight    122 kg 152 kg
 Tyre type**   PUR/PUR  PUR/PUR 
 Steering rollers   180 x 50 mm 180 x 50 mm
 Load rollers   75 x 50 mm 75 x 50 mm
 No. of wheels/load rollers   2 / 2  2 / 2 
 Stroke   h3  715 mm 715 mm
 Max. height of handle h14   1254 mm 1254 mm
 Fork height lowered h13    85 mm 85 mm
 Overall length l1  1725 mm 1715 mm
 Overall width  b1/b2 575 mm 575 mm
 Fork height s 45 mm 45 mm
 Fork width e 160 mm 160 mm
 Fork length l 1170 mm 1170 mm
 Outside fork dimension b5  540 mm 540 mm
 Ground clearance m2  18 mm 18 mm
 Aisle width pallet Ast 1986 mm 1986 mm
Turning circle radius  Wa  1564 mm 1564 mm
Battery charger    - 220 / 6 V/A
Battery voltage, capacity  k5 - 12 / 52 V/Ah


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