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Tractel SCX/CX TOPAL Lifting Beams for Cone-shaped Concrete Manhole - 1000kg

Model:  TOPAL SCX/CX / TTS-3316

Tractel Topal CX
Tractel Topal SCX
Tractel Topal CX Tractel Topal SCX



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Beam for lifting and laying cone-shaped concrete manholes, Topal SCX, Topal CX.

Tractel Topal SCX
Cx Lifting Beam Drawing

The CX1 ensures contact at two points of loading.

Scx Lifting Beam Drawing

The SCX1 model is more robust for intensive use and ensures 3-point loading.

These accessories are fitted with polyurethane coated pads which enable the handling of cone-shaped manholes without marking. Delivery includes a chain sling (CX1 model).


Use with a 2-legged sling:

  • CX1 - 480 mm/ leg, chain Ø 7 mm
  • SCX1 - 490 mm/ leg, chain Ø 7 mm fitted with HR 1 t shackles.

Slide the beam slantwise in the cone-shaped manhole, then fix horizontally. As the lift is applied, the polyurethane coated pads will engage and grip the inner wall diameter reduction, holding at about 700 mm. So as to free the beam, release the tension on the sling and take the beam out of the manhole, gripping it by its ends.


  • Hot epoxy coating.
  • Safety factor: 4 in accordance with the European Materials Handling Federation (1998 FEM 3d edition) ; working group A5 and lifting speed 60 m/min.
  • Working temperature: -20° to +80°C.


Model / Part Capacity (kg) Grab Ø (mm)
CX1* (supplied with 2 leg chain sling) 1000kg 120-300mm
SCX1 (see SCXE for optional 2 leg chain sling) 1000kg 120-300mm
2-legged chain sling for SCX1
SCXE 1000kg L = 490mm
BX-RB-CX-SCX 0510.pdf

Operating and Safety Instructions.

(approx. 1.4Mb)
topal cx - scx lifting beam.pdf

Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.5Mb)

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