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Tractel TOPAL TB Pipe Hooks for use in Pairs - Range from 500kg to 1500kg

Model:  TOPAL TB / TTT-3317


Tractel TOPAL TB Pipe Hooks for use in Pairs - 500kg to 1500kg

Each Model is sold as a Pair

Part N° Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Price per pair Chains Included Guide Price Quantity
3317-T20862 500kg 0-150mm Yes No £  233.71
3317-T20863 1000kg 0-200mm Yes No £  364.05
3317-T20864 1500kg 0-250mm Yes No £  512.36
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 15.00)
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Lifting of horizontal tubes of various materials using a 2-arm sling.

Hooks for use in pairs to lift pipes with a large opening, fitted with long handles for easy handling. Working in pairs with a 2-arm sling the load is lifted in a horizontally.

Hook with wide opening and deep slot, rounded bearing part to prevent marking products.

These hooks are designed to be used in pairs with a wire rope, chain or strap 2-legged sling.

Instructions For Use


  1. Positioning: suspend the slings and 2 hooks.

  2. Fit a hook to each of the pipe to be lifted. Drive each one home against the edge of the pipe.

  3. Perform the lifting operation.

  4. Hooks are released manually using the handles, ready to be used again.




Model / Part
Capacity (kg) Opening (mm)
TB1 500kg 0-150mm
TB2 1000kg 0-200mm
TB3 1500kg 0-250mm


* Please not slings not included.

TB 0601.pdf

Operating and Safety Instructions.

(approx. 0.4Mb)
TB T 6005 GB rev 2.pdf

Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.3Mb)

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