Tractel Groundwork & Construction Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-1751
Tractel Groundwork & Construction Lifting Clamps

TOPAL industries manhole hooks.

The Tractel TOPAL Manhole Hooks are used for lifting vertical wells of round, square or rectangular concrete. The hooks have a grooved surface that ensures perfect grip on the materials in case of shock whilst moving the load.

Their use does not require any adjustment and the positioning is easier thanks to ergonomic handles.

Pipe and bar clamps for the lifting of round bars, tubes, square and small sections in bundles or individually.

The Tractel TOPAL RT is used for the lifting of rods, tubes, profiles and various small squares in circles or bundles. Once it's locked in the open position this allows you to deposit the load without any action on the caliper. These accessories are fitted with an open position locking system allowing to lay down the load without any intervention on the clamp.

Beam for lifting and laying cone-shaped concrete manholes, Topal SCX, Topal CX.

The CX ensures contact at two points of loading. The SCX is more robust for intensive use and ensures 3 point loading. These accessories are fitted with polyurethane coated pads which enable the handling of cone shaped manholes without marking. Delivery includes a chain sling (CX1 model).

Lifting of horizontal tubes of various materials using a 2-arm sling.

The Tractel TOPAL TB are hooks for use in pairs to lift pipes with a large opening, fitted with long handles for easy handling. Working in pairs with a 2-arm sling the load is lifted in a horizontal position.

Horizontal Clamp with opening of upto 900mm.

This is an accessory to transport horizontal pipes and lay them into trenches. Also designed to transport bars and tubes of any material.

S = semi-automatic laying down - Semi-automatic model: manual grab action and automatic locking of the grab in the open position.
A = automatic clamping + laying down - Automatic model: the grab and laying down operation is performed without any manual operation from the operator on the grab.

Pipe hooks used in pairs for the lifting of cast iron or steel construction pipes such as drainage systems.

The Tractel TOPAL F is a handling hook designed to horizontally lift cast iron or steel pipes. These hooks are specifically designed to be used in pairs with a wire rope, chain or strap 2 legged sling.

Tractel TOPAL F pipe hooks are available in the following sizes:1000kg/opening 0 - 60mm, 2500kg/opening 0 - 75mm,5000kg/opening 0 - 100mm, 7500kg/opening 0 - 100mm.

Kerb stone lifting, handling and transportation clamps. For manual lifting of kerb stones. Chain sling option also available for mechanical lifting.

The Tractel BX is an handling accessory to transport and lay concrete kerbstones manually or using a 2 legged sling. A model with handlebars is available to ensure better stability when manually transporting kerbstones.

Tractel Kerbstone clamps are available in the following sizes - 120kg/opening 1000mm, 100kg/opening 1000mm, 120kg/opening 915mm.


Topal PB scissor action lifting clamp with jaw opening ranges from 0 to 1000mm (various options).

This grab can be used for vertical lifting, without marking, all products with parallel sides made of various materials: concrete, steel, plastic, wood, marble, etc. These accessories are fitted with an automatic lower lock which allows the load to lay down without any manual intervention. Rubber coated pads ensure a great adherence and avoid load marking. Transport handles make the positioning easier. Clamping is proportional to the load, thus limiting the damage risk.

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