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Tractel TOPAL RB Manhole Hook for Use in Pairs or Sets of Three - Range from 500kg to 1500kg

Model:  TTR-3314



Part N° Description Capacity (kg) Additional Information Guide Price Quantity
3314-T20851 RB1.5 40-110 (clamp) - Single Clamp Only 500kg 40-110mm opening £  140.45
3314-T20852 RBE1 2-legged chain sling for use with set of 2 RB clamps (no clamps included) 1000kg Length = 1500mm £  102.25
3314-T20853 RBE1500 3-legged chain sling for use with set of 3 RB clamps (no clamps included) 1500kg Length = 1500mm £  114.61
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TOPAL industries manhole hooks.


Hooks for lifting vertical wells of round, square or rectangular concrete. Hooks with a grooved surface that ensures perfect grip on the materials in case of shock whilst moving the load. Their use requires no adjustment or re-posistioning.

Hooks fitted with indexed surfaces to ensure a secure gripping of the load, even if a shock load is applied. Their use does not require any adjustment and the positioning is easier thanks to ergonomic handles.


  • Use in set of 3 - with a 3-legged chain sling for handling circular manholes. Max WLL: 1500 kg/ set of 3
  • Use in pairs - with a 2-legged chain sling for handling circular or rectangular manholes. Max WLL: 1000 kg/ pair

Thanks to the handles, position evenly the hooks on the edge of the manhole to be lifted ; at 120° from one another (use in set of 3)/ facing each other (use in pairs). Lifting ensures the automatic closing of the hooks and load proportional clamping minimises the damage risk.



Model / Part No:
Capacity (kg) Opening (mm)
RB1.5 40-110 (clamp) 500kg 40-110mm
2-legged chain sling for set of 2 clamps
RBE 1 1000kg L = 1500mm
Double Leg Sling
3-legged chain sling for set of 3 clamps
RBE 1500 1500kg L = 1500mm
3 Sling Drawing
RB T 6003 GB rev 2.pdf

Technical Informaton

Full technical specifications including information about usage, dimensions and safety information.
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