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Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp - Range from 3000kg to 12000kg

Model:  Camlok PP / PPC-360

Pile Pulling Clamp

Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp - 3000kg to 12,000kg

WLL (Working Load Limit)

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Camlok Pile Pulling Clamp.

The PP pile pulling clamp is similar to a regular plate clamp in its construction but has a much deeper jaw to ensure the pile is gripped firmly.

The compact construction combined with a high capacity makes it ideal for pulling piles / trench shields out of the ground.

It is extremely difficult to determine the forces required to pull out a driven pile, so it is recommended that a load indicator / load cell is used to ensure the WLL of the clamp is not exceeded.

A safety lock prevents the accidental opening of the clamp.

Note: Shackle is NOT included.

Pp Pile Pulling Clamp


Model WLL (kg) Jaw Capacity (mm) Throat Depth (mm) Eye Dia (mm) Weight (kg)
PP 3 3000 0-16 147 20 12
PP 8 8000 0-30 194 30 28
PP 12 12000 0-30 190 40 53

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