Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps

Quick Ref: CN-144
A well priced selection of horizontal plate lifting clamps from Camlok and Crosby

Horizontal plate lifting clamps grip to the steel plate either by the teeth biting into the surface of the plate, otherwise referred to as defamation or by gripping and supporting between multiple clamps to perform the lift, they are sometime referred to as plate lifting hooks and we can supply with teeth, roller toe, smooth toe and with a non marking lined face. We offer horizontal plate clamps for transferring, tilting and stacking steel plates in the horizontal plain made by Yale, Pfaff, Camlok, Tractel, Crosby and Riley who are all top quality lifting equipment manufacturers. We offer a vast selection of clamps, our policy is to offer the customer as much choice as possible at competitive prices. The clamps offered online are suitable for a range of plate widths and some are adjustable. We can supply horizontal claps in capacities to suit most lifting equipment applications, some are rated individually and others are rated in sets, please follow the operation and user manual to avoid misuse.  

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