Camlok Horizontal Plate clamps for Lifting Steel Sheets Carried Flat

Quick Ref: CN-1342
Camlok Horizontal Plate clamps for Lifting Steel Sheets Carried Flat

Camlok Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp. Sold in Pairs. Available with a Smooth Jaw or Serrated (teeth) Jaw on all models.

The CH/HH Series of plate clamps are sold in pairs. Optional plate thicknesses for wider plates. Used with a 2 leg sling upto 90º on all types of plate. The integral shackle is designed to accept, directly, the relevant sized chain sling hook.



Camlok Adjustable 'Jaw' Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps (Sold in Pairs).

The Camlok Adjustable Height Horizontal Plate Clamp is designed to lift and transport thick plate and plate bundles in the horizontal position. The clamps are used in pairs for short lengths of plate. For longer plate lengths 2 pairs of clamps suspended from a lifting beam are used. The height of the jaw pivot arm is easily adjusted via a spring locked rack and lock bar device. The clamping jaw is always positively brought into the correct position ensuring a safe and secure lift.

Camlok Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps, Sold in Pairs, Designed for Lifting Single Thin Sheet / Plate. The Camlok THK Clamp has a jaw that pivots in the reverse direction to our normal horizontal clamps and is designed to lift and handle thin sheet plate that tend to sag when lifted. The reverse jaw feature ensures that the clamp grip increases the more the plate deflects under its own self weight. Clamps are used in pairs with a 2 legged chain sling (maximum included angle not to exceed 60º). Two pairs of clamps supported from a lifting beam must be used when handling long plates. Single plates only can be lifted.
Camlok Roller Toe Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps.

This range of horizontal plate clamps has been designed, to be used in pairs, for the horizontal transporting of individual and bundled plate. Whilst the basic design is the same, there are three different versions available.

RH Series - This range is fitted with a steel roller for reduced marking of the plates.
WH Series - The jaw is this range has hardened steel teeth for applications where the marking of plates is not an issue.
WHL Series - With a protective rubber lining on the jaw and the toe plate, this range totally eliminates any risk of marking.

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