Crosby Rigging Accessories

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We supply the complete range of Crosby Rigging Accessories discounted by 15% for a competitive sale price!

The range of rigging accessories available from Crosby are wide and varied and always excellent quality. We offer turnbuckles (rigging screws) with a range of sizes and safe working loads greater than any other manufacturer that we are aware of. Our Crosby Swivel hoist rings great choice and range as do the options available for lifting rings and lifting eyebolts. Please contact us at any time for help and assistance in selecting the most suitable rigging accessory to suit your application.


Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings, Lifting Eye Bolts

Crosby swivel hoist rings are designed for lifting and slinging application to the highest of quality standards. The range of hoisting rings is excellent with a large selection of thread sizes (metric and imperial - UNC) diameters and lengths; that are also supplied with many options of hoisting ring or attachment. Generally the Crosby range of swivel eye bolts are regarded as the 'Best available' and therefore expect them also to be a little more expensive.

Crosby hoist rings are now available with the Crosby QUIC-CHECK, RFID - Radio Frequency Identification System.

Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings, Lifting Eye Bolts

Crosby Turnbuckles

Crosby manufacture a large range uf open body turnbuckles with a variety of end fittings to suit most application in any combination (jaw, hook and eye)

Turnbuckles are often referred to as rigging screws, the Crosby range offer both metric and imperial threads with a choice of different thread lengths and safe working loads and are manufacturered to US Federation Specification.
Crosby Turn buckles are recommended for straight line pulls only. please contact our technical staff if you are considering using the rigging screws for a lifting application.

Crosby Turnbuckles

Crosby Rings and Quad Assemblies

Crosby master rings form the largest part of this category are most commonly used in the make-up of lifting chain slings. Please contact our sales team if you require a complete lifting sling and we will quote you for a readily assembled, certified sling. All the component parts are available individually and are price accordingly where the list price is available from Crosby UK.

Crosby Rings and Quad Assemblies

Crosby Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are rarely sold individually, they are usuallt sold as part of a wire rope lifting sling, contact us for a quote if this is what you need!

As with all Crosby products the range of thimbles are Top Quality and heavy duty. Click on the product that you are interested in for further technical information and dimensional drawings. Items are prices to buy online when costs are available from Crosby UK

Crosby Wire Rope Thimbles

Crosby Lifting Eyes

This section contains a selection of Crosby Lifting eyes; lifting eye bolts and pivot link eyes. Some eyes are bolt down (metric and UNC threads) others are eye nuts with female threads; Crosby also offer weld-on eyes and blank shank (un threaded / rivet shank) Generally all the lifting eyebolts are a certified connector for creating and lifting anchorage point

Crosby Lifting Eyes

The name of this category is a little misleading as the majority of the Crosby range can be correctly described as 'Rigging Accessories'. There are three main groups of products, swivel hoist rings, turnbuckles, eye bolts and lifting rings. Crosby turnbuckles have a design factor of safety of at least 5:1 the highest WLL in the industry.Crosby rigging and slinging turnbuckle combinations include combination of: Eye, Hook , and Jaw and are galvanised as standard and meet with US federation specification, self colour bodies available on request.

  • All to US Fed (federation) spec. Open body or closed body options, sometimes referred to as rigging screws.
  • Other Crosby lifting and rigging accessories include wire rope thimbles, available galvanised, stainless steel or cast iron, various links and eye bolts / eye nuts Etc...
  • Crosby are the specialist manufacturer for safe lifting and turning using manual or powered lifting and handling tackle using swivel hoist rings, offering metric or UNC thread options.
  • Alternative swivel hoist ring designs including stainless steel, shackle and sling saver.

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