Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings, Lifting Eye Bolts

Quick Ref: CN-1304

Crosby swivel hoist rings are designed for lifting and slinging application to the highest of quality standards. The range of hoisting rings is excellent with a large selection of thread sizes (metric and imperial - UNC) diameters and lengths; that are also supplied with many options of hoisting ring or attachment. Generally the Crosby range of swivel eye bolts are regarded as the 'Best available' and therefore expect them also to be a little more expensive.

Crosby hoist rings are now available with the Crosby QUIC-CHECK, RFID - Radio Frequency Identification System.


Crosby Hoist Ring To Chain. Our comprehensive range of Crosby HR125C Hoist Rings are designed with an integrated chain connector to be connected to lifting chain making this option of swivel hoist ring very versatile and are options for rings with capacities from 2 to 8.2 tonnes WLL. The chain grab is designed to fit Grade 8 Chain size 7, 8, 10, 13 and 16mm and the body of the swivel hoist ring is made from forged Alloy Steel with a design factor of safety at ratio  4:1. Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times Working Load Limit. "Yellow Chromate" finish for increased corrosion protection. Full 360 degrees swivel and 180 degrees pivot action.

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