Crosby Wire Rope Thimbles

Quick Ref: CN-1307

Wire rope thimbles are rarely sold individually, they are usuallt sold as part of a wire rope lifting sling, contact us for a quote if this is what you need!

As with all Crosby products the range of thimbles are Top Quality and heavy duty. Click on the product that you are interested in for further technical information and dimensional drawings. Items are prices to buy online when costs are available from Crosby UK


Crosby Wire Rope Thimbles. The range of Crosby G411 (Standard duty ) and G414 (Extra Heavy duty design) Wire Rope Thimbles are hot dip galvanized for increased corrosion resistance. These thimbles provide a hard eye in a wire rope lifting sling; the standard option is most suitable for light duty applications.

Crosby Open Pattern Wire Rope Thimbles. The Crosby Open Pattern Wire Rope Thimbles are hot dip galvanized  and this particular range are recommended for light duty applications in which it is being assembled into another fitting (i.e. for use with a lifting shackle or master link on a sling assembly)

Crosby solid, cast iron wire rope thimbles. Thimble Features: Cast ductile iron, fits pin for open wire rope socket, boom pendant clevis and wedge socket.

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