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Ingersoll Rand "MLK" Series Compressed Air Hoist / Pneumatic - Range from 250kg to 1000kg

Super heavy duty, high speed production hoist.

Serving industry for over 25 years, the rugged and reliable MLK series share a common design with many interchangeable parts. With high speeds and precise spotting, these hoists are ideal for high production cycle operations. Both spark resistant, designated with a KR suffix, and slow speed precision spotting models, designated with a KS suffix, are offered.

Ingersoll Rand "Liftchain" Compressed Air Hoist (Pneumatic Hoist) - Range from 1500kg to 100,000kg

Liftchain hoists for reduced downtimes and increased safety.

The Ingersoll Rand liftchain air hoist has a rugged, compact and lightweight design. All steel construct ion for better durability, particularly adapted for difficult environments. Insensitive to dust and humidity, 100% duty cycle, grade 80 calibrated load chain and corrosion resistant treated.

Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Premium Lever Hoist - Range from 750kg to 6000kg

High performance manual lever hoist - Pressed steel body.

Ingersoll Rand's line of Lever Chain Hoists offer the ultimate in performance, endurance, and safety. Capacities and features make these Lever Chain Hoists perfect for all industrial lifting, pulling, and positioning applications. It uses a simple one-hand free chaining operation. 360° rotation handle needs only 15° handle movement to ratchet loads. Ideal for tight spaces.


Ingersoll Rand Zinc Nickel Chrome Plated Industrial Lever Hoist - Range from 750kg to 6000kg

Durable hand chain hoist with pressed steel body and corrosion resistance.

This lever hoist has a zinc nickle chrome plated finish which is more durable and corrosion resistant than paint. The patent pending "Arrow-Notch" free chain system is simple and reliable. Just one hand turns the indicator and operators will enjoy the easiest free chaining we have ever tested. Try to operate in free chain mode and the brake instantly engages, holding the load, minimizing the risk of an accident.

Value priced lever hoist with industrial rated performance.


Ingersoll Rand "VL2" Premium Hand Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspended - Range from 500kg to 20,000kg

Premium hand chain hoist thats built for heavy duty applications with high performance requirements including marine environments.

Top of the line manual chain hoist, the VL2 Series exclusive hand chain guide provides smooth, even operation and eliminates jamming when operated away from the load area. Forged steel alloy load hooks with non-slip design have extra wide throat openings for easy rigging. Perfect for construction, maintenance, rigging and shipbuilding.

Available in sizes 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 8000kg, 10,000kg, 15,000kg and 20,000kg.


Ingersoll Rand "SMB" Hand Chain Hoist, High Performance and Durable, Top Hook Suspended - Range from 500kg to 5000kg

Stamped steel construction for decreased weight and better impact resistance, zinc plated hand chain as standard.

A NEW design for the modern workplace with safety and performance in mind. Meets or exceeds world specifications including ASME B30.16 and 2M standards. It features an improved 4 layer finish of nickle, copper, and chrome complementing the silver series lever hoist companion product, stamped steel construction for decreased weight and better impact system.

Available in sizes 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 5000kg.


Ingersoll Rand "P15" Wire Rope Ratchet Puller Hoist for Lifting and Pulling Applications - up to 900kg (Lifting capacity)

P Series Ratchet Pullers 450kg single line; 900kg when rigged with a sheave.

Two models with either 25 or 75 foot rope length. Standard with oversized 5/8 inch diameter high strength polyester rope which has less chance to mar surface or kink and is easier to manage than wire cable. Rope is non-conductive and can be stored or used separately. Rope pullers can handle long pulls or reaches limited only by the length of rope available. Drum after pulling a load.

Ingersoll Rand "C400" Lightweight Aluminium Ratchet Puller Hoist for Lifting and pulling Applications - 770kg or 1800kg (Lifting Capacity)

C Series Lightweight aluminium design, reversible handle for easy position changes.

The Ingersoll rand C series is designed to store more wire rope than all-steel ratchet pullers. Rigged double line, they handle those long reach jobs up to 3,400lbs easily.

Cable Puller: Overload safety handle designed to noticeably bend. Ratchet and pawl system provides safe, one notch at a time lowering.

Strap Puller: Three hooks allow 2 ton capacity, 6 foot pull with double line and 1 ton capacity with 12 foot pull using single line non- conductive, corrosion resistant, high strength synthetic strap will not kink or bind


Crane Spares / Hoist Parts

Replacement spare parts for any brand (including no longer trading) of overhead crane or hoist.

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