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Below is a list of some of the most recent products and information which have been added to liftingsafety.

Bolt Down Ball Bearing Swivel Load Ring with Metric or Imperial Thread.
Bolt on Hoisting Ring, 360 Degree Rotation 180 Degree Pivot - M8 to M48 and 5/16" to 2" UNC Thread Sizes
Clevis shackle for use with grade 8 (grade 80) lifting chains.
Wide adjustment range beam clamp with shackle suspension point. Up to 90° side loading with no deration.
Manual or Electric Driven Hydraulic Workshop Press, 10,000kg to 200,000kg
Mini Hydraulic Jaw Spreader, Capacity 0.9 Tonne
700 Bar Double Acting Hydraulic Nut Splitters, Capacities from 75 to 135mm AF
700 Bar Compact Hydraulic Nut Splitters with Built in Pump, Capacities from 17 to 50mm AF
Chain Hydraulic Cutters, Up To 50mm Dia. Chain Single Acting Hydraulic Chain Cutter, for Chain Up To 50mm, and Cutting Force Up To 145 Tonne
Double Acting Hydraulic Cutter, for Wire Rope, Cable and Reinforcing Bar
Self-Contained Wire Rope and Cable Cutting Device, Easy Use and Operation
Comprehensive Hydraulic Puller Complete Kit with Pump, Option of 10 to 50 Tonne
Hydraulic 2 & 3 Way Bearing Puller with Pump, Option of 4.5 to 50 Tonne, and up to 920mm Dia.
Auto Centering Hydraulic Bearing Puller with Pump, Option of 10 to 50 Tonne, and up to 920mm Dia.
3 Arm Hydraulic Bearing Pullers, 10, 20 or 30 Tonne, for up to 610mm Dia.
Steel Hydraulic Machine Lifting Jacks with Toe, 8.5 tonne to 20 tonne
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks, 3 tonne to 100 tonne
Compact Hydraulic Jacks, 10 tonne to 30 tonne with Solid or Hollow Piston Option
Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks, 20 tonne to 60 tonne, with Optional Stroke, Lifting Claw (Toe) and Locking Ring
Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks, 10 tonne, with Optional Stroke of 75mm or 125mm
Lightweight Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders, with Spring Assisted Return, Capacities from 32t to 110t.
700 Bar hydraulic couplings and connectors.
2, 4, 5, 6 or 8 Outlet Ports Models Available
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High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses, with Optional Length, Fittings and Colour
Petrol Driven Hydraulic Pumps General Duty High Flow.
Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps General Duty High Flow.
Fully stainless steel manual chain block with spur gear drive.
Tiger Spark Resistant Combined Chain Block & Beam Trolley, 500kg to 10,000kg Spark Resistant Manual Chain Hoist with Integrated Optional Push Travel or Geared Travel Trolley
Hydraulic Pump with Optional Valve Type and Power Supply.

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