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'C' Frame Hydraulic Press , Manual or Electric Hydraulic Operation, Capacity to Customers requirements.

Model:  CHP-2941

Hydraulic C-Frame Press
Hydraulic C-Frame Press
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C-Frame Hydraulic Floor/Workshop Press.

The 'C' press is a hydraulic workshop press that provides greater access for pressing wider pieces of equipment.

Generally the 'C' press is used in production envirnoments for a specific application rather than a general manintenacne press.

The big difference between a conventional press and a 'C' press is that the convensional hydraulic press has two vertical supporting steels connecting the head of the press to the base,  therefore restricting the width of any item to be worked on to this maximum distance and with a 'C' press there is no such restriction because the head is connected to the base in only one position.

This is a special made to order hydraulic workshop press and therefore can be made to sizes and capacities to suit our customers specification with manual hydraulics or fitted with an electric powerpack.

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Hydraulic C-Frame Press

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