Bench Presses, King-Ping Presses & Hydraulic 'C' Frame Press

Quick Ref: CN-1272

A hydraulic bench press is shorter than a floor press and is operated from a workshop bench, all the options that we offer online are operated by a manual hand pump though we can supply with an electric power pack pump if required.

As standard we offer 12 or 15 tonne capacity though will manufacture to any capacity, contact us and we will provide a quotation.


Hydraulic Workshop/Garage Bench Press with Manual Hand Pump Operation. Two options, 12 and 15t; our hydraulic presses that are designed to be mounted on to a workshop bench / table or any other suitable / stable support structure ideal. They are ideal where the working area is short of floor space. Our presses are very heavy and therefore only the lower capacities (12 and 15 tonne) are usually suitable for mounting on an independent support structure though we will also manufacture larger capacities on request.

C-Frame Hydraulic Floor/Workshop Press. The 'C' press is a hydraulic workshop press that provides improved access for wider pieces of equipment. A conventional press has two vertical supporting steels connecting the head of the press to the base, therefore restricting the width of any item to be worked on to this maximum distance. This is a special made to order hydraulic workshop press and therefore can be made to sizes and capacities to suit our customers' specification with manual hydraulics or fitted with an electric power pack.

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