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Camlok TTG 'I' Position Girder Clamp - Range from 1500kg to 7500kg

Model:  Camlok TTG / GSLC-352

Camlok TTG 'I' Position Girder Clamp - 1500kg to 7500kg
Part N° Model WLL Plate (mm) Z Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
352-T22179 TTG 0.5 25-500kg 0 - 20 3 £  258.00
352-T12886 TTG 1.5 75-1500kg 0 - 30 5.5 £  353.00
352-T12887 TTG 3.0 150-3000kg 0 - 35 11 £  458.00
352-T12888 TTG 4.5 450-4500kg 0 - 40 14.5 £  744.00
352-T12889 TTG 7.5 750-7500kg 0 - 45 28 £  988.00
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Camlok Girder Section Lifting Clamp.

Camlok TTG Series Girder Clamp

500kg, 1500kg, 3000kg, 4500kg and 7500kg available

Designed to lift girders in the 'I' position.

Transports beams with flanges horizontal.

The TTG Girder Clamp is designed to lift and transport structural steel beams in the vertical position i.e. with the flanges in the horizontal position. The clamp is fitted with a Camlok spring operated safety lock and is operated by pulling the locking handle upwards. Long beams should be lifted with 2 clamps attached on opposite beam flanges, the clamps supported from a lifting beam.


The Camlok series of TTG clamps can be used on girders up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell. This clamp is designed to lift girders in the "I" position and transport steel beams with the flanges in a horizontal position. To find out more contact our sales team.

Type TTG

Type TTG


The clamp is available in various sizes and lifting capacities and it can be supplied with a chain pull locking mechanism for remote operation. The TTG is ideal for lifting and transporting structural steel beams and girders.

Long beams can be lifted using 2 clamps attached to opposite beam flanges. The clamp is fitted with a Camlok spring / cam operated safety lock.

Lifting with a large beam in the vertical position

Lifting with a large beam in the vertical position

Technical Specifications

Camlok Girder Section Lifting Clamp Specifications

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