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Camlok TTR Girder Section Lifting Clamp - Range from 750kg to 3000kg

Model:  Camlok TTR / GSLC-351

Vertical Flange Girder Lifting Clamp
Camlok TTR 'Vetical Flange' Girder Section Lifting Clamp - 750kg to 3000kg


Part N° Model WLL Plate (mm) Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
351-T12878 TTR 0.75 50-750kg 5 - 16 3.1 £  338.00
351-T12879 TTR 1.5 150-1500kg 5 - 25 6.8 £  359.00
351-T12880 TTR 3.0 300-3000kg 5 - 28 10.9 £  587.00
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Camlok Girder Section Lifting Clamp for 5 - 28mm jaw size.

The Camlok TTR range of 'Vertical Flange' Grirder Stacking Clamps have been designed to lift, transport and stack structural steel beams in the horizontal position or 'H' position' i.e. with the flanges in the vertical position (see 'Applications' below).

The clamp is designed with the hook ring as near as to the centre of gravity of the beam as possible, The unique position of the offset suspension ring keeps the girder virtually in a horizontal position during transport.

A safety lock keeps the clamp safely locked, even before the lift begins. This allows the operator to place the clamp, lock it closed and move away from the load.

The lever ensures easy opening and closing of the clamping jaw and has a “lock open“ feature.

Long beams should be lifted using 2 clamps attached to opposite beam flanges and a spreader beam for a straight lift.

  • Capacities: 0.75t, 1.5t & 3.0t.
  • Can be used on girders, channels, RSJ's and handles structural beams in the 'H' position.
  • Capable of near horizontal lifting
  • Girders and RSJ's up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell.
Ttr Girder Stacking Clamp


Large beam lifting with 2 TTR Girder Stacking Clamps

TTR Clamp used to stack girders

Dimensions and Specifications

Model WLL Plate (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) I (mm) K (mm) Weight (kg)
TTR 0.75 50-750kg 5 - 16 24 30 132 62 145 118 50 12 12 53 3.1
TTR 1.5 150-1500kg 5 - 25 33 53 176 76 190 152 70 15 17 69 6.8
TTR 3.0 300-3000kg 5 - 28 37 56 194 78 208 163 80 20 23 85 10.9
Camlok Ttr Dimensions

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