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LiftingSafety Suspended Crane Scales - Range from 6000kg to 35,000kg

Model:  SCS-3675

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LiftingSafety Suspended Scales
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Industrial suspended crane scales for use in areas classified as hazardous.

Industrial crane scales for use in areas classified as hazardous (Zone 1 and 21, 2 and 22) in accordance with Ex II 2GD IIC T4 T197°C X protection.Little space is taken up allowing the best use of the lifting devices. Predisposed for an upper connection ring and lower hook.
Fitted with test certificate obtained with sample weights, up to 15000 kg of capacity

Main features

  • Indicator with 17-key numeric-functional waterproof keyboard.
  • LCD display with 6 25-mm high contrast digits and icons for showing the active functions.
  • Precision: +/- 0.03%
  • F.S.Built extremely sturdy in oven-fire painted sheet steel.
  • Digital set-up and calibration programmable directly from keyboard using a sample weight.
  • Operating temperature: -10 /+40 ºC.
  • Adjustable digital filter, anti vibration and oscillation.
  • Programmable auto switch-off power for energy saving.
  • Hermetically sealed extractable rechargeable battery, with 160-hour operating time; rechargeable in safe area.
  • Equipped with 230 Vac 50 Hz battery charger to be used in safe area.

Keyboard functions

  • Zeroing.
  • Automatic Tare.
  • Preset table Tare.
  • Tare database (up to 10).
  • ID1 and ID2 10-digit Codes.
  • Selectable function command.
  • On/off switching.
suspended crain scales

Selectable functions

  • Simple display and/or with sensitivity HR x 10
  • Net/ gross
  • lb/kg conversion
  • Weighs accumulation
  • Formula weighing
  • Counting with function of entering the known A.P.W
  • Hold

Available versions

code Max capacity (kg) division (kg) HR division (kg) CE-m Division
 MCWATEX152GD 15000 5 2 -
MCWATEX252GD 25000 10 5 -
MCWATEX352GD 35000 20 10 -
MCWATEX152GDM 15000 - - 5

Options available

  • Rechargeable ATEX battery from 9,6 Vdc and 7600 mAh for weight indicator, pallet truck scale, or crane scale. NOTE: Recharge of the battery pack allowed only in a safe area. In the applications with the weight indicator mounted on a column or cart, the installation requires the STFA bracket.
  • SIT/ASTM calibration certificate for crane scales with capacity greater than 1500 kg. NET PRICE


  • Swivelling bottom hook with safety lock 15 t.
  • Swivelling bottom hook with safety lock 22 t.
  • Swivelling bottom hook withConnection ring 15 t. safety lock 30 t.
  • Connection ring 15 t.
  • Connection ring 30 t.
  • Connection ring 40 t.

Measurements of hooks (mm)

Code A B C D H
GG15 95 354 96 455 63
GG22 121 432 120 565 80
GG30 133 568 139 667 88
Hook diagram

Measurements of rings (mm)

Code A B C
CA15 174 110 200
CA30 270 180 340
CA40 292 190 350
rings diagram

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