Crosby Lifting Hooks (Hoist Hooks)

Quick Ref: CN-1104
The LiftingSafety website is unique in the fact that almost all of the options on our crosby range of hooks are priced and available for on-line purchase!

Our range of different types of Crosby hoisting hooks is vast with a lifting hook too suit most lifting applications; weather used on a chain sling or on an overhead crane we probably have a suitable product. Crosby probably manufacture a greater selection of hooks than any other manufacturer!

Crosby lifting hooks in this category are up to date as per the current 2009 Crosby lifting equipment Catalogue; they represent probably the largest selection of lifting hooks from any one manufacturer and definitely amongst the best quality the you can buy. The Crosby lifting equipment Hooks meet the design factor of 5;1 (4:1 for alloy shank hooks) and are quenched and tempered to achieve superior impact and fatigue properties

  • Crosby provide training on the correct use of hoisting (rigging) hooks
  • Options for Carbon hooks and Alloy hooks and bronze hooks for specialist load handling applications.
  • Charpy impact, fatigue, ductility and tensile strength technical statistics are available
  • Crosby provide bronze shank hooks for non-sparking applications (spark proof lifting solutions)
  • Shank hooks, eye hooks, swivel hooks, weld-on hooks, golden gate hooks, firefighter, choker and forged hooks.
  • Quotations for all Crosby professional lifting gear; rigging tackle, hoisting slinging and handling equipment can be obtained through our online shop.
  • We will offer excellent discounts for all Crosby rigging products and accessories dependant on quantity and potential order value.
  • More hooks are available in category 7; Crosby Lifting Chain Slings, Fittings and Accessories

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