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Tractel TOPAL KP Semi-Automatic Clamp for Lifting Girders - 1500kg or 3000kg

Model:  Tractel TOPAL KP / TTKP-3301

tractel topal kp beam/girder clamp
Tractel TOPAL KP Semi-Automatic Clamp for Lifting Girders - 1500kg to 3000kg
Part N° Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Guide Price Quantity
50218/KP1 0-20
1500 0-20 £  751.69
50228/KP2 0-30
3000 0-30 £  906.75
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For lifting a girder by the flange while maintaining the web vertical.

tractel topal kp beam/girder clamp

Clamp fitted with a safety spring mechanism allowing permanent contact of the cam on the load to be lifted, even when it is being laid down. This model is also equipped with an automatic grasping ensuring the clamp’s closing when the plate or profile is positioned at the back of the clamp’s throat. The locking lever does not stick out so that it cannot be damaged. The corrugated cam only marks one side of the load.


So as to open the clamp’s cam, push the lever situated on top between the 2 flanges until the trigger activates ; the clamp thus locks itself in the open position. When the load is driven home into the clamp’s throat, the trigger activates and the clamp closes automatically.

The corrugated cam penetrates the load’s material. Lifting ensures proportional clamping. To release the clamp, push the lever downwards. The clamp may also be used without the automatism being activated. To do so, use the manual opening and closing thanks to the lever without bringing it to its limit stop (trigger not activated).

Use in pairs (with a lifting beam in case of several pairs) and 2-legged sling(s) for handling horizontal plates.


Model Capacity (kg) Opening (mm) Weight (kg)
KP1 0-20 1500kg 0-20 4
KP2 0-30 3000kg 0-30 10


KP T 6015 GB rev 2.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

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