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Tractel "Tirsafe" Temporary Steel Wire Line Fall Arrest Horizontal Lifeline. Suitable for Max 3 users - Span 20 Metre

Model:  Tractel Tirsafe Temp / WTL-2207

Tractel Tirsafe Temporary Steel Wire Line Fall Arrest Horizontal Lifeline - Span 20m
Guide Price £ 868.54  

Fall Arrest Temporary Lifeline with Tirfor for Tensioning. Complies with EN795

Tirsafe diagram 1 Horizontal Lifeline

Please Note- Product priced above is the 20m kit with Tirfor. For all other configurations please contact our sales team.

The Tirsafe™ is an energy absorber for temporary horizontal lifeline systems (HLLs) that can accomodate up to 3 workers. It is the first in the industry to incorporate a tension indicator that lets you know when your line is correctly tensioned.

The Tirsafe™ energy absorber consists of a specially developed polymer conical sleeve of 100% memory retention. Running through the center of this special sleeve is a stainless steel axle with ball-peen termination. When the system is subject to a force of a fall the axle runs through the conical sleeve controlling the impact force on the anchorage.

The deployment activation force and tension indicator aspects of the Tirsafe™ result from tension spring/housing resistance. This clever design indicates correct tension when the knurled ring appears in the indicator window.

The Tirafe™ energy absorber offers the unique advantage of re-setting. After activation or deployment of the Tirsafe™ is reconditioned and placed back into service (through authorized service center).


  • The Tirsafe™ energy absorber is designed to be used within a 65 ft. (20 m) single span HLL.
  • On longer lengths, up to 300 ft. (100 m), intermediates supports capable of sustaining 3,600 lbs (1,630 kg) must be used every 50 ft. (15 m).
  • Tested for up to three persons use within horizontal lifeline systems up to 300 ft. (100 m).


  • Single span
  • Minimal line deflection
  • Multiple spans up to 300 ft. (91.3 m) using
  • Re-settable by authorized service center intermediates at every 50 ft. (15 m)
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Built-in tension indicator
  • Sold separately or as a system
  • Built-in impact indicator
  • Corrosion resistant – aluminum and stainless steel
  • Three workers


  • Steel erection
  • Pipe racks
  • Installation of concrete flooring
  • Roof work
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Transport maintenance (marine, aircraft…)
Tirsafe Horizontal Lifeline

Tirsafe warningWarnings

  • When selecting an anchorage point, there must be sufficient clearance below the user to arrest a fall before this user strikes the ground or other obstruction.
  • Ensure that the anchorage to which the worker is attached is capable of sustaining the fall arrest forces requested when designed, installed and used under the supervision of a qualified person.
  • When used, the Tirsafe™ must be properly tensioned, as indicated in the indicator window, and positioned with a maximum angle of 5 degrees from the horizontal.
  • Clearance – There must be sufficient clearance below the user to arrest a fall before this user strikes the ground or other obstruction. The clearance required depends on the following factors:

    a) height of the Tirsafe™ anchorage points;
    b) connection subsystem (shock-absorbing lanyard) length;
    c) deceleration distance;
    d) movement of harness attachment element;
    e) worker height;
    f) free fall distance.
  • Never connect two or more Tirsafe™ systems to one another.


Component Parts Lists:

Tirsafe with tirfor components
Click Here For Tirsafe Horizontal Lifeline with Tirfor SystemParts List

The Tirsafe Temporary Lifeline Includes:

Tirsafe Shock Absorber
Tirsafe Tirfor Winch
1x Anchoring point with Tirsafe energy shock-absorber which ensures triple function of pre-tension indicator, energy shockabsorber indicator and fall indicator. 1x Tirfor T3 Cable Winch.
Tirsafe Cable
Tirsafe Slings
1x 8.3 mm diameter, 20 metre long cable as standard. 2x 2metre slings. The Tirsafe temporary lifeline guarantee the safety of 3 people. Standards EN 795 B and EN 795 C.

(approx. 0.5Mb)

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