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Sala Proline Horizontal Fall Arrest Lifeline - 10 and 20m

Model:  PHL-3799

Protecta Pro Line Horizontal Lifeline
SALA Proline Horizontal Fall Arrest Lifeline - 10m and 20m


Part N° Length (m) Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
3799-T21295 10 2.5 £  148.00
3799-T21296 20 3.5 £  162.00
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Horizontal lifeline suitable for up to 2 persons, supplied in lengths up to either 10m or 20m.

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

Portable, versatil and quick to install. There is no connecting or swaging of components, simple ratchet handle to tension the lifeline. No seperate components, just connect to suitable anchorage point. Lightweight and easy to handle, incorporated carry bag. Built in shock absorber reduces end loadings to preserve the structure.


Easy and quick installation

There are many instances where a horizontal lifeline to ensure the safety of a user is the best practical option, but the time spent assembling and installing the system make it impractical to do so. What is needed is a quick means of installing the system so work is unaffected.

The new pro line allows just that. Simply attach the karabiners to suitably rated anchorage points (22kn) and tension the line via the integrated ratchet and the system is ready to use.

The line can be used in any length up to either 10m or 20m depending on the version brought.


The integrated bag allows the excess webbing to be stored in there that is not being used. This can prevent damage from foot traffic, dirt and wear, thus improving the lifespan of the line. The in-built shock absorber also doubles as a fall indicator, so if the line has sustained a fall, it can be seen and the line discarded, so not posing a safety risk to others.

Connection to the line is made by attaching the karabiner of a shock absorbing, or fall arrest lanyard directly to the line, again, reducing the potential for lost or damaged.components.

Large range of applications

The Pro-line is suitable for many applications, especially those where work is only required at a point for a limited amount of time - quick and easy assembly and dis-assembly makes it suitable for these types of applications.

Construction work is a major area where the advantages of the pro-line can be utilised. Once the work is done on one area, the line is taken down and set up at the next work point.


  • Max. weight capacity 2 x 141kg.
  • Body webbing: Strength: 50kN, Material: 50mm polyamide web.
  • Strap webbing: Strength - 44kN, Material: 50mm polyamide web.
  • Ratchet: Strength: 22kN - Material: Steel.
  • Standard: Meets CE EN795 class C.
Model Length (m)
1200106 10m
1200107 20m

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