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Miller "Serpent" Synthetic Rope Temporary Horizontal Fall Arrest Lifeline c/w Anchorage Straps and Carry Case. For 2 Users - Span 20m

Model:  Miller Serpent / RTL-2101

Miller Serpent Synthetic Rope Temporary Horizontal Fall Arrest Lifeline - Span 20m
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Temporary lifeline with 20 metre span for Up to Two People. Complies with EN795

  • A professional, purpose designed Temporary horizontal fall arrest lifeline certified for two people to be connected to the lifeline at the same time (not a re-certified ratchet strap)
  • Fixing to, either, permanent anchorage points or with temporary webbing anchorage slings (provided in the Kit).
  • Robust construction, designed for industrial and construction applications to protect people working at height
  • Maximum working length 20 metres.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Simple tensioning system ensures correct tension of the temporary horizontal life line
  • Complies to EN795b.
  • Certified for use by two people. (See safety notes below)
  • Supplied with two 1.5m webbing anchorage slings and a plastic storage box.
  • Durable braided rope with two galvanised connectors for long lifespan.

Safety First:

When the Lifeline is used by two person’s, users must be aware that all temporary horizontal lifelines are designed for the rope to deflect when a person falls. The deflection is necessary to reduce, to acceptable levels, the loadings transferred to the casualty. This deflection can cause a second user of the lifeline to be forced to fall, especially bad news if this person is required to implement the rescue plan; as both workers are now left suspended at height. For this reason we would recommend that each worker at height uses their own dedicated lifeline.

The fall arrest systems location is dependent on many factors that must be taken in to account to ensure that there is sufficient clear fall arrest distance below the working area. These may include: The height that the lifeline is positioned, the length of lanyard used and the span on the lifeline and subsequent deflection.


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