Tractel EN795 Temporary Horizontal Lifelines for Fall Arrest

Quick Ref: CN-1866
Tractel EN795 Temporary Horizontal Lifelines for Fall Arrest

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline for a Maximum of 2 People. Ratchet tensioning mechanism. Conforms to EN795

Tractel Travsafe Webbing Temporary Fall Arrest Lifeline can be used by two people, with synthetic fibre webbing straps that are adjustable from 0 to 18m. This Lightweight lifeline allows total freedom of horizontal movement. Easy and quick to install when there are two anchoring points offering sufficient resistance.

Fall Arrest Temporary Lifeline with Tirfor for Tensioning. Complies with EN795

The Tirsafe is an energy absorber for temporary horizontal lifeline systems (HLLs) for up to 3 workers. It is the first in the industry to incorporate a tension indicator that lets you know when your line is correctly tensioned. The deployment activation force and tension indicator aspects of the Tirsafe result from tension spring/housing resistance. This clever design indicates correct tension when the knurled ring appears in the indicator window.

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