Ridgegear "RGP4" 6 Metre Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard from Polyester Covered "Wire Rope" c/w Sliding Jaw Adjuster. "Adjustable Restraint Lanyard"

Multi purpose work-postioning device.


RGP4 / RWPS-3787

The RGP4 is a multi purpose work-positioning device, designed to be clipped to the side D’s of a harness or work-positioning belt or used independently.

The RGP4 can be supplied in a variety of lengths and should be used for work positioning or restraint purposes only.

  • Accredited to: EN 358:1999.
  • Material: 6mm galvanised wire covered with poly rope for protection.
  • Fittings: High tensile alloy steel.
  • Features: Woven tubular outer sheathFully adjustable


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