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Verlinde TCA Wind Turbine Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist. Single or 3Ph Options - 250kg, 80m HOL, 25mpm

Wind Turbine Electric Wire Rope Hoist by Verlinde. For use in Wind Power Generation Farms. 250kg Capacity. singe or 3 phase options.

DC electro-magnetic disk motor operated brake designed to last as long as the hoist itself. This winch is designed to be heavy-duty to provide very long durability and low maintenance to its owner. Extremely quiet running. Noise level: 65 decibels

Options on 250kg, 80m HOL, 25mpm: Model, trolley required, height of lift (up to 80metres)


Verlinde Eurochain VL INOX Electric Hook Suspended Hoist - Range from 60kg to 1250kg

Hook Suspended Electric Chain Hoist with Stainless Steel Load Chain Hoist.

This hook suspended hoist with height of lift 3m as standard, 2 hoisting speeds with upper and lower electric limit switch, torque limiter and chain collector.

Various options available: hook suspended, push travel trolley and electric travel trolley.


Verlinde EUROCHAIN VL DIGICHAIN 3 Phase Electric Chain Hoist with Positioner Hook - Range from 60kg - 500kg

Electric Chain Hoist with Positioner Hook.

The electric chain hoist EUROCHAIN VL DIGICHAIN includes same equipment as standard model except: maximum height of lift 3m, hand tight positioner on push button type DIGICHAIN with 3m control cable, upper and lower electric limit switches, moveable lifting hook, low voltage control 48V on hand tight positioner with push button

Options on positioner hook hoist: Safe working load, hoist speed, suspension type.

Available in sizes 60kg, 125kg, 250kg and 500kg.


Verlinde Eurochain VL 1Ph Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist - Range from 80kg to 1000kg

Electric Chain Hoist.

This is a single phase electric chain hoist with a hoisting speed of 2m/min - 4m/min, Power supply 230V / 1Ph / 50HzDirect voltage control. Electric limit switch is not available on this version. Available with push travel trolley, geared travel trolley or hook suspended, 3m HOL (Height of lift as standard).

Available in sizes 80kg, 125kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg.


Verlinde Eurolift BH 3 Phase Low Headroom Belt Hoist - Range from 500kg to 2000kg

Low Headroom Belt Hoist for Food Industry.

Options on Low Headroom Belt Hoist: Safe working load, HOL (Height of lift) (m), suspension type.

Very low headroom, true vertical lift. The EUROLIFT BH is specially designed for the food industry. Standard features included in basic prices: Power supply 400V / 3Ph / 50Hz, trolley with stepless speeds 5 > 20 m/min, overload limiter (110% of max. load), upper and lower limit switch, thermal protection, electrically isolated hook block and push button box.


Verlinde ME Declutchable Hand Winch - Range from 150kg to 2000kg

Gear Type ME Declutchable Drum Geared Hand Winch.

On this geared hand winch all of the gears used in the winching process are spur geared, which provides the operator with optimal hoisting or traction force transmission and features a low operating noise. The winch frame is supplied from galvanised steel as standard with a stainless steel construction available on request. The load is safely maintained by an automatically engaging brake for raising and lowering.

Verlinde ME Declutchable Hand Winch is available in the following sizes - 150kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg.


Verlinde MV Worm Declutchable Drum Geared Hand Winch - Range from 250kg to 3000kg

Geared Hand Winch.

All the gears used in the winches are spur gears that provide the operator with optimum hoisting or traction force transmission with low operating noise. The winch frames are supplied with galvanised steel frame as standard (stainless frames available).

Available in 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg and 3000kg Capacities.


Verlinde VL Stepless Variable Lifting Speed Stepless Chain Hoist - Range from 500kg to 7500kg

Stepless Chain Hoist.

The variable lifting speed stepless chain hoist is available with hook suspension, push travel trolley, geared travel or electric travel trolley.

Power supply 380 to 480V / 3PH / 50Hz 60Hz and low voltage control 48V (115 or 230 as option). Variable travelling speed on electric trolley (except 3 falls hoist). Motor thermal protection, Electric limit switch, Torque limiter

Available in sizes ranging from 500kg to 7500kg on request.


Verlinde Eurochain VL 3 Phase Standard Electric Chain Hoist - Range from 60kg to 10,000kg

Electric Chain Hoist.

The 3 phase standard electric chain hoist, height of lift 3m as standard. The Eurochain VL has 2 hoisting speeds and upper and lower electric limit switch. Paint 5 years guaranteed.

Comes in various ranges: Fixed hook suspension, push travel trolley, geared travel trolley and variable speed electric travel.


Verlinde VLA Windmill Electric Chain Hoist - Range from 160kg to 1000kg

Wind Turbine Chain Hoist - up to 690v.

Options on Wind Turbine Chain Hoist: Safe working load, trolley required, height of lift is 16 to 80 metres.

Wide range of lifting speeds:16 and 4 m/min, 24 & 6 m/min and 32 & 8 m/min, upper and lower electric limit switches

Brake clutch system: DC electromagnetic disk brake made to last as long as the hoist itself.

Hook: Upper hook (detachable) and lower hook complies with DIN standard, Motor: Thermal protection

Verlinde TEC Electric Rope Lifting Hoist - Range 300kg to 9500kg

Electric Lifting hoist and Pulling Winch.

This range of all-purpose electric winches for hoisting and pulling provides the perfect solution to all your needs with its wide range of loads and the considerable number of options available. What is more, the rugged design of this winch is a warrant for an extremely long service life requiring very little maintenance.



Verlinde "Eurobloc VTF" Solid Mount Overhead Crane Hoist - Range from 800kg to 80000kg

Electric Wire Rope Hoists. (no trolley).

Many options to choose from to create a solid mount (fixed) overhead crane wire rope hoist. Features include two speed pole-change hoisting motors (1:6) with bi-metal sensor and hoist D.C disc brake, maintenance free; they have 4 step gear limit switches (up, down, low speed up approach, phase fault protection) provided with overload protection and variable speed travelling motors: 2 to 20m/min (for hoist with trolley) and the hoist electrics cubicle including low voltage transformer. The motor protection is rated IP55 with an insulation class of F.


Verlinde "Eurobloc VTS" Short Headroom Monorail Overhead Crane Hoist - Range from 800kg to 12000kg

Short Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoists.

These short headroom electric wire rope hoists are the ideal lifting solution where the distance between the lifting beam and the item to be lifted is restrictive (tight). The unique hoist design allows the user maximum lifting height for those tight to get to places. There are hundreds of possible configurations for these hoists which can be modified with a variety of options; hoisting speed, F.E.M. class, ISO group, block size, motor power, rail gauge, electrical options, electrical protections, special equipment adaptations etc.

Verlinde "Eurobloc VTNH" Monorail Overhead Crane Hoist - Range from 800kg to 80000kg

Normal Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoists.

These crane wire rope hoists are very good quality and offer a massive range to suit nearly all applications; this wire rope hoist range offers mounting onto a runway beam (mono rail) and the features are excellent which include a two speed pole-change hoisting motors and D.C disc brake; limit switches (both up and down) low speed up approach, phase fault protection). Overload protection is standard as is variable speed travel motors; there are also a large range of optional extras to modify the wire rope hoist to suit most environments.

Verlinde "Eurobloc VTD" Double Girder Wire Hoist (crab unit) - Range from 800kg to 80000kg

Electric Wire Rope Hoists.

A massive range of wire rope hoists for use in industrial overhead cranes. This type of lifting hoist do not mount onto a single girder crane bridge, they span between two girders with a pair of load wheels sitting on the top flange, hence the name double girder hoist. They are often used in higher capacity cranes with longer spans of crane bridge. Their other advantage is that the crane hook rises between the girders creating low headroom capability (very high raised hook position).


Verlinde Tirlift Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist - 500kg

Electric Wire Rope Lifting Winch Designed for wind turbines.


Portable Jib Crane, 'H' section lifting Beam - Range from 125kg to 500kg

Mobile Swing Jib Crane with Underbraced, suitable for low headroom application.

The under braced design on this portable swing jib crane is a lower overall height than the over-braced cranes and this means that it is particularly suitable for lifting applications with restricted headroom. Available in 125kg, 250kg and 500kg with different lengths of span.


Lightweight 'C' Profile Mobile Lifting Gantry (light duty) with 500kg to 2000kg Capacities

Mobile Gantry with 2m to 5m Span and 2m to 3.5m Clearance, Not Moveable Underload.

Portable C-Profile Gantry - Not Moveable with load. Manual gantry cranes are mobile on wheels for indoor service. THESE GANTRY CRANES ARE NOT MOBILE EVEN UNDER LOAD. Options for 2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre or 5 metre span. 2 metre, 2.5 metre, 3 metre and 3.5 metre under beam clearance. 500kg, 1000kg, 1600kg and 2000kg SWL capacities. The main features are: Run away made of C Profile (eurosystem), Push travel trolley for hook suspended hoist, Wheels in white polymid upto 2 tons and polyurethane from 3.2 tons, Painting: 2 layers paint system. Yellow RAL.1028, Maximum electric travelling speed: 10 m/min.

Electric Articulating Crane Trolley (crane kits) - Range from 250kg to 2000kg

Overhead Articulating Electric Trolley, Variable Speed. To make a simple single girder overhead crane

A Pair of electric Trolleys (380V/ 460V / 3Ph / 50HZ)

Assembly instructions

Safety chains

12 months guarantee



Powered Overhead Crane System - Range from 125kg to 100,000kg

Overhead Crane.

All the overhead crane systems are designed and installed to customers specification. SWL ranging from 125kg to 100,000kg.

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