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Light Duty Overhead Crane System - Range from 125kg to 2000kg

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Light Overhead Crane.

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Eurosystem 2000 offers a variety of possibilities:

  • Monorail tracks.
  • Runways.
  • Single girder cranes.
  • Double girder cranes.
  • Simple or complete circuit systems with direction-changing system either by switches or turnables.

Outstanding Advantages:

  • Reduced headroom (increased working height).
  • Easy movement thanks to excellent rolling friction coefficient.
  • Easily extendable monorail tracks, runways, circuits, thanks to the modular system design.
  • Installation and fixation is done by simple bolting.
  • A variety of types of fixation that can be adapted to all types of structure (steel beams, wood, concrete, etc ).


Suspended double girder crane or short headroom constructions

Load capacity from 125 to 2000kg. For heavier loads, the Eurosystem 2000 double girder crane is suitable for all your lifting and handling needs. The design of the hoist trolley that travels between the profiles allows for exceptionally low height requirments. The movement of this crane is made even smoother thanks to trolleys fitted with nylon rollers in contact with the inside surface of profiles. Travel is either achieved either by pushing the load or through the use of a motorized trolley for larger and heavier loads.

Suspended or short headroom single girder crane

Load capacity from 125 to 1600 kg gives a practical solution for the handling needs in large facilities. Eurosystem 2000 components are compact offering an efficient use of space. Suspended on trolleys, the crane beam travels along the length of the runway profiles manually or electrically. For longer spans rigid connections optimize the beam travelling. Eurosystem 2000 profiles are also used as runways and maybe fixed to the ceiling with adapted suspension system.

Less force/wear applied to carrying structure thanks to the suspended design of the system.

Almost zero upkeep required

Esthetically pleasing to the eye, harmonious installations

Great flexibility

1. eurosystem 2000 is available in 3 different profiles which are determined by load capacity and the distance between suspension points. Load capacity from 125 to 2000kg according to profile type. The system is based on a special hollow profile which is manufactured in cold formed metal sheet in order to obtain an extremely smooth and regular surface. The closed structure of the profile makes it possible to keep the inside of the running surface clean.

2. End plates

To prevent bending or distortion of the hollow profile.

End stops for manual or motorized trolleys.

To prevent dust collection on the inside surface of the profile.

3. Lifting functions are fullfilled by eurochain hoists with a variety of load capacities and lifting speeds. These hoists can be equipped with either a manual or an electric trolley for horizontal movement. Choices include load capacity from 125 to 2000 kg. Lifting height from 3 metres ( standard ) and up to 30 m. One or two lifting speeds of 2, 4, 8, 4/1, 8/2,.... A number of optional features are available for these hoists ( remote control system, hook version and stainless steel chain, etc)

4. Any crane and monorail track can be equipped with trolleys in order to provide travel of the hoists, or the crane. In order to satisfy your needs, we offer a very complete range of trolleys : Manual trolleys ( UKA 20, 30 and 40 ) single, double or articulated Motorized trolleys types UKTD ( UKA 30 and 40 ) single, double or articulated. An outstanding rolling friction coefficient guarentee smooth low-noise movement. Trolleys are made of nylon wheels, and the contact surface inside the profiles is reduced. Thanks to the modular design of the eurosystem 2000 light crane system it is possible to motorize a manual trolley later on.

5. Power-feed systems built in or outside the profiles are available

6. The assembly of the profiles is done with connection bolts and connection parts with adapted locating features

7. The suspensions allow fitting the light crane system to the support structure. Severall different types of suspension are available according to the type of profile used and the type of structure supporting the system: side or vertical suspensions, short or extended. Suspension for straight ceiling or l-beam. Suspension for UKA 20, 30 or 40. Thanks to their design ( self locking parts, articulated structure, easy adjustments etc) euro system 2000 suspensions allow greater flexibility when been installed, prevent internal pressure and balance any possible irregularities of the support structure.

8. All our suspension systems are fitted with threaded rods for the precise adjustments of your eurosystem 2000 equipment ( extensions are also available )

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