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Pfaff Silberblau EBW Scaffold Hoist / Winch, Capacity 200kg

Pfaff Silberblau EBW 230v Electric Scaffold Hoist / Winch, Capacity 200kg, Lift Height 25m


Pfaff Silberblau MHS Machine Lifting Jacks - Range from 5000kg to 25,000kg

MH Machine Lifting Jack MHS 50, MHS 100, MHS 250.

Multi-functional lifting jacks ideal for low-height lifting or working in confined spaces. These jacks can be used vertically or horizontally and the 25000kg model has an adjustable screw for easy handling.

The 5000kg and 10000kg models have a 3600 rotatable claw making light work of loads. Pump levers can be removed for even better mobility.


Pfaff-Silberblau SIFEKU Safety Ratchet Crank - 5000kg

Spring operated load pressure brake is silent and weather resistant.

Cast aluminium crank with folding handle. Spring operated load pressure brake is silent in operation and weather-resistant, no ratchet required. 250mm radius for use on jacks up to 5000kgs capacity.

Pfaff-Silberblau SIKU Safety Ratchet Crank - 17mm or 14mm square hole.

Suitable for indoor applications, two versions available

This crank is used with a double acting pawl assembly and is suitable for indoor applications. The crank is of cast steel with folding handle and incorporates two conical nylon or brass brake discs, dependant on duty, which act as a friction brake. Two versions are available both with 17mm square hole.

Pfaff Silberblau RAKU Safety Ratchet Crank - 17mm square hole.

Short ratchet type crank ideal for confined spaces.

Similar to the SIKU crank this unit has a selector unit which allows either the raise or lower positions to be selected. The crank can either be turned through 3600 (as the SIKU crank) or operated in short ratchet type movements which is especially suited for use in confined spaces.

Pfaff "Parking Brake" Pallet Truck. Forks 1150mm x 540mm - 2500kg

Pfaff Silberblau HU 25-115 FBTP pallet truck with service and parking brake and Forks 1150mm x 540mm.

Suitable for use on inclines and approach ramps where the pallet truck must be immediately brought to a safe standstill before the load becomes a danger! In order to meet these high demands, the standard-type of our PROLINE is equipped with an efficient brake which is integrated into special aluminium wheel hub. This brake works like the standard drum brake on your car: control is progressively activated by pulling the brake lever mounted on the steering handle. The chassis is equipped with steering wheels made of rubber and has tandem load wheels made of polyurethane.

Pfaff Proline HU TP Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks - 3000kg or 5000kg (3 Options)

Pfaff Silberblau heavy duty series pallet trucks for the handling of heavy loads with long fork option available.

These heavy-duty pallet trucks will meet all your loadcarrying requirements up to five tons. They are ideal for transporting heavy items of machinery or palletized goods. Depending on fork lengths the 5,0 t models have different load centres. HU 50-115 TP with a fork length of 1150 mm has been designed for the transport of pallets. Choosing the longer forks with 2000 mm you can also transport heavy items of machinery in a professional and safe way. The HU 30-115 TP is supplied with steering wheels and tandem fork wheels made of polyurethane as standard, whereas the HU 50 comes with steering rollers and fork rollers of steel.

Pfaff "Low Profile" Pallet Truck. Closed Height Only 51mm. Forks 540mm x 1150mm - 1500kg

Pfaff Silberblau HU 15-115 FTP pallet truck with low profile forks ideal for very flat pallets.

An especially low-profile design, this low pallet truck requires only minimal space when being moved up to very flat pallets. This highly manouverable standard pallet truck is available in a tandem version with convenient fork rollers made of polyamide and steering rollers made of polyurethane. Notable among its many outstanding features are, firstly, its suitability for use on sensitive floor coverings and, secondly, its quietness when moving.

Pfaff Proline Pallet Truck with Scales. Forks 1190mm x 560mm - 2000kg,

Pfaff Silberblau pallet truck with built-in scales (printer optional).

This is how intelligent motion can be: The PROLINE pallet truck is a complex logistics module with functional intelligence. As an economy tool with integrated scales it saves you both time and costs in goods receiving, order compilation and shipping. The modern display shows you piece numbers, weights, dates and times whenever you need them. It also has a pre-programmed energy-saving mode which cuts in automatically. As a precision tool the PROLINE offers guaranteed maximum weighing accuracy with a tolerance of just +/- 0,1%, it comes with a rechargeable or exchangeable high-performance rechargeable battery for a reliable power supply.

Pfaff Silverline Weighing Pallet Truck with Scales, Forks 570mm x 1150mm - 2000kg,

Pfaff-Silberblau HU W-20 S pallet truck with scales.

Weighing accuracy +/- 0,5 %, very clear and visible scale screen (display: 200 g steps), and a malfunction indication. The scale is delivered perfectly calibrated including battery and battery charger.

Pfaff "Quick Lifting" Pallet Truck. Only 4 strokes to Full Height. Forks 1150mm x 540mm - 2000kg.

Pfaff Silberblau quick lift pallet truck, forks 1150mm x 540mm.

Wherever saving time during lifting and transporting loads means saving money you can rely on our PROLINE with quick lift to lift loads weighing up to 200 kg quickly. In contrast with standard pallet trucks, the quick lift reaches 200 mm fork height with only 4 handle strokes – and a pallet can be lifted and transported with only 2 strokes. When the load is heavier than 200 kg the quick lift is automatically cut off – lifting is then performed in the traditional, effort-saving way. The truck is fitted as standard with  steering wheels made of steel and polyurethane tandem load wheels.

Pfaff Stainless or Galvanized Steel Pallet Truck. Forks 1150mm x 540mm - 2000kg or 2500kg (2 options)

Pfaff Silberblau Proline stainless steel or galvanized steel pallet truck with safe working loads of upto 2.5 tonnes, Forks 1150mm x 540mm.

Stainless Steel - Wherever compliance with hygiene regulations is a must the INOX 316 is the solution. All key parts (handle, chassis, push-rods and torsion-tube and pump housing) are made of high quality V4A-316 stainless steel and are virtually indestructible.

Galvanized - A material combination of stainless and galvanisation - Its speciality is to offer consumers a high level of protection against corrosion. Its frame is hot galvanized at 452 °C with a thickness reaching 100 micro.


Pfaff Silverline HWK KLS Workshop Cranes - 500kg or 1000kg SWL

Pfaff Silberblau Silverline HWK KLS workshop crane.

When adaptability is required, the HWK KLS workshop crane is the master of versatility. In both versions for either 0,5 t or 1,0 t lifting capacity, both with a parallel or V-shaped chassis, you have a device to cope with every conceivable workshop requirement. The rotatable hydraulic system provides for absolute operating convenience even in confined spaces. Moreover, the pump raises the cantilever arm to a height of 2080 mm in overdrive with just 30 pump movements. And it does all this with the utmost safety, thanks to the specially designed chassis and the parking wheel brake supplied as standard which hold the crane firmly in position.

Pfaff SW-W Alpha Wall Mounted Winches - Range from 300kg to 1000kg

Pfaff Alpha spur wheel wall mounted wire rope winches with a zinc-plated or galvanised finish and load capacities of 0.3 tonne to 1 tonne

The ALPHA is so versatile, smooth running and safe in handling that nearly no one in wholesale, mechanical engineering or agriculture is willing to dispense with it. A toothed spur wheel back gear, low net weight and compact design makes this winch meet every requirement. Easily mounts onto the wall with rope output possible in every direction.

Pfaff "Wide" Pallet Truck with a Extra Wide Forks 850mm x 1150mm - 2000kg

Pfaff silverline pallet truck.

Ideal for transporting special wide pallets. The Pfaff Silberblau Silverline hand pallet truck offers a fork width of 850mm and safe working loads of upto 2 metric tonnes.

Pfaff SW-KAL (CG) Wire Rope Winch - Range from 750kg to 1120kg

Self-locking base mounted worm gear wire rope winch.

The CG hand operated worm geared winches are suitable for lifting and pulling applications in exposed environments. Lifting capacities of 0.75 and 1.1 tonnes on first rope layer. Constructed from die-cast aluminium

Pfaff Lambda Wire Rope Winch with a Capacity of 300kg

Wire rope winches BGV C1. TO BGV C1 (VBG70) SAFETY STANDARD.

Specially designed for moving loads over people, conforms to German safety standard BVG C1. This winch has a grooved drum and is driven by a single reduction pair of straight cut internal spur gears. The load is automatically held by a safety spring double brake system, each capable of holding the full load. For improved rope coiling, a spring loaded rope pressure drum is fitted. Winding on one layer only.


Pfaff DSRB Sheave Block for Wire Rope Guidance - Range from 700kg to 8000kg

Machined steel with sealed ball bearing sheave blocks for BETA PROLINE and SILVERLINE electric rope winches.

The dynamic all-rounder with variable rope and sheave diameters and cable deflections of up to 180° can move loads of up to 8 t with ease and absolute reliability. Typical for Pfaff-silberblau is the high standard of quality: With a sheave block for manual and powered operation, equipped with grease-filled, sealed ball-bearings as standard.


Pfaff SW-W/SG-H Steel Wall Mounted Winches - Range from 300kg to 750kg

Steel (heavy duty) wall-mounted wire rope winches.

Pfaff SG Heavy-duty hand crank winches for a tensile load of 300kg to 750kg, Pfaff-silberblau offers you winches with spur-gear units which have an externally mounted spring-loaded safety crank and steel panel housing. Features an externally braked safety crank.

Pfaff ZWW/ZWW-L Rack and Pinion Jack - Range from 250kg to 10 tonnes

Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks are used for lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing of loads. Various lift heights.

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