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Tractel "HT Easyclimb" Harness with Various Connection Point Including a Unique Umbillical Fall Arrest Anchor Point

Model:  HT EasyClimb / TEH-4456

Part N° Size Type Guide Price Quantity
S Standard £  261.82
M Standard £  261.82
XL Standard £  261.82
S Elastrac £  279.84
M Elastrac £  279.84
XL Elastrac £  279.84
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Designed for movement (up or down) on structures equipped with an EN 353.1 rail or cable fall arrester device equipped with an approved fall arrest umbilical roll prevention system attachment point.

Ht Easyclimb Harness

The HT EasyClimb harness is equipped with an approved fall arrest umbilical attachment point. This attachment point, while being fall arrest approved, provides a comfortable support going up or down. HT Easyclimb is the only harness on the market that offers this type of attachment point.

The HT EasyClimb harness is particularly adapted for climbing on ladders equipped with a rail mounted FABA™ type fall arrester, whether or not including a Tractelift™ climbing aid system™.

Compliant with standard EN 361 – EN 358

Features and Options

As an option, the HT Easyclimb harness can be equipped with Elastrac™ comfort units, which provide additional comfort by providing elasticity to the straps on the user's back, where it is really needed; the Elastrac™ unit provides elasticity without the inconvenience caused by the use of an elastic webbing: loss of elasticity over time and major extension of the harness shoulder straps in case of suspension or fall.

Components and Characteristics

The harnesses come in three sizes: S / M / XL.

  1. Back X-Pad made of sealed closed-cell foam protected by a reinforced canvas cloth on the outer side and a honeycomb cloth on the inner side.
  2. Easyclimb Harness Labelled
    Mountaineering-type thigh straps
  3. Fall indicator on all anchorage points
  4. Closing buckles Automatic buckles made of black anodised aluminium and stainless steel
  5. Adjustment buckles : Buckles made of zinc-plated + black treated steel
  6. Dorsal anchorage point : 65 mm back D-ring made of zinc-plated + black treated steel
  7. Lateral anchorage points : Large-sized, wide-bowed D-rings on work position holding belt
  8. Umbilical anchorage point : D-ring made of zinc-plated + black treated steel
  9. Thoracic anchorage point : D-rings made of zinc-plated + black treated steel
  10. Webbing: Polyester , 45 mm, black and blue
  11. Tool and saddle holder rings
  12. Elastrac option available
  13. Adjustment strap reduces distance between fastening point and fall arrester.
  14. Rigid polypropylene protection system protects the webbing against abrasion on the back of the backplate.
  15. Strap ends sewn in multiple layers to make a harness that cannot be dismantled

Weight : 2.96 kg


Description Code Size Dorsal Fall Arrest Anchorage Point Umbilical Fall Arrest Anchorage Point Thoratic Fall Arrest Anchorage Point Lateral Work Positioning Anchorage Point Option
HT Easyclimb S XP 66482 S 1 1 2 2 Standard
HT Easyclimb M XP 66492 M 1 1 2 2 Standard
HT Easyclimb XL XP 66502 XL 1 1 2 2 Standard
HT Easyclimb S E XP 66452 S 1 1 2 2 Elastrac
HT Easyclimb M E XP 66462 M 1 1 2 2 Elastrac
HT Easyclimb XL E XP 66472 XL 1 1 2 2 Elastrac

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